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I was at my old house, when

I was at my old house, when news broke out about a child molester in the neighborhood, I was extremely terrified since the news noted that the molester was still roaming the streets of my town. I began to have anxiety and check every room and inch of my house. I was convinced that one of my family member of I would be the next victims. Me and my family were all gathered in the living room to stay safe, when my baby brother began to walk towards my room saying he forgot a toy, I told him to stay here but instead followed him to my room. He was jumping trying to get on the bed when I noticed some skinny arms extend from under the bed quickly trying to grab my baby brother, without thinking I ran to my mom in shock and with the breath I could, I told her that there was a woman under my bed. We quickly got up, my mom walked towards her with a small knife while I ran to the kitchen to grab a bigger one.

Well, it all began on a cobblestone

Well, it all began on a cobblestone street, slowly lowering and escalating with the hills. There were some plain empty wooden booths on the side, and above everyone's heads there were lights on wire stretching across to each side. There was a parade, but it was a feast. What I mean is that each different float had it's own type of food, and I jumped on one with bread and some kind of sauce. I quickly got off it, and I don't remember how, but I ended up in large, dark, abandoned cage with dirt in it and plants somehow thriving, it seemed to have come from a recently dismissed zoo. And here's the funny part. I swear that that cage was in my dream just a few nights ago. Anyway, I was now in the cage rather than looking upon it when three baby monkeys crawled in. They came right up to me and were social, playing and jumping and running around. But I had instinct, and I knew that the parents would get aggressive if I were to close to the babies, so I ended up running away from the babies until the parents did arrive, and then they were playing, and jumping, and running around. Pretty soon I was back up on the cobblestone street, I meet with somebody, I don't remember who, and I woke up.

In the office with old style before

In the office with old style before renovation, Steve said stores data isn't working & I was trying to issue the serviceable tag. ARC hasn't completed and needed to be done by a girl. She had conflict with some street people so I went to check them by jumping up the really high fence holding the girl. Leo's whole family was in the house & Mike was in the other room. I was telling him off that by bullying this girl making it delay issuing ARC somehow got to do with unknown street boys or MSRs. I realised lost shoes but couldn't find it. The girl was taking shower so I got outside the house. Train pass next to the house. I was tie the party color tape purple on left foot then ready to jump down the house. The lady flying up to me & gave me a lift to building in Japan. My sister was running to the lift after one of singer. Her husband was sitting on the bench waiting for her. The lift was for authorized only then she came back & said she couldn't make it.

Maigan and I were working, like normal,

Maigan and I were working, like normal, and we ended up arguing about something (idk what). Big time fight. Huge argument, to the point where I walked out and quit my job. A few months later, I decide to come back to campus to visit, mend fences, what have you. When I get there, I find out that things have changed. Whatever we were arguing about, the argument that Maigan won, was apparently over making some sort of decision. When Maigan took your decision to the higher ups, they disagreed so much that they had fired her. So the day goes on as I'm visiting campus, and out of the blue, she ends up coming to campus to visit too. But she isn't there to mend fences. Maigan just wants to see the students. Somehow, we get roped into attending a meeting with Sarah, Deb, Rich, etc., and they rehash the whole thing, and validate that I was right, she was wrong, but they wish neither of us had been led to leave over it. So we get our jobs back. But there is an unspoken animosity. About a week later, Coozy comes to visit. He and I are chatting when we are abducted. When we awaken, we are in a giant hall/room where this evil king-like dude tells us we have to solve puzzles or he'll kill us. He's gathered everyone to watch and cheer us on or see our deaths. So, the entire student staff is there, Rich is there, Maigan, the higher ups, etc. During the first round, Coozy is useless and tries to run away. I end up solving the puzzle last minute to stay alive. After getting a few more, it gets to the final round. If I win, I live. Otherwise, the axe. Everyone is on edge, scared that I might not make it. But she is just there, cold shouldered and disinterested. I end up winning. I'm ecstatic, jumping up and down, celebrating, starting to hug people. People come to hug me. She just looks over, kinda disappointed, and leave. I went after her and we chatted for a minute, but despite my attempts to fix things, Maigan was very sharp-tongued and stormed off.