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My ex and father of my child

My ex and father of my child impregnated my cousing they got a lovely baby boy and I got so agry and jealous

I dreamthere seems to be a party

I dreamthere seems to be a party going on there are a lot of children running around laughing. I come out of the toilet and I see that there is a mirror table with many many very beautifuol bottles of perfume on it. I try some of them and they smell lovely. I say "No one ever gives me perfume" and my eldest estranged daughter laughs as says 'I always give mommy (she calls MY mother "mommy") perfume - they belong to her"

I am married, but I have fallen

I am married, but I have fallen for another man, I keep dreaming I am with him and we are so happy together, lovely dreams.

I dream't I was diving in lovely

I dream't I was diving in lovely clear water and I came across sunken modern ships, then I swam around them in wonder and when I came up again I was near a lovely island, it was strange but lovely

Once upon a time, I lived in

Once upon a time, I lived in a warehouse (think Warehouse 13). One dreary evening I realized I was being romantically pursued by an ex boyfriend his girlfriend. I spurned their advances and hid myself away in a small pub with a male coworker of mine. Over the course of the night, I found myself getting ill, but refused to leave. We ended up embroiled in a very intense discussion about unbreakable plates and bowls with the bartender. She was a very stout woman eating sauerkraut and pita bread. Eventually, I bid them farewell and went home to my warehouse where I proceeded to put telephones down my pants. It was as I was placing a particularly lovely princess style rotary in my pant leg that I realized the moral of this little tale: After being woken by a phone call, perhaps you shouldn't force yourself back into sleep if it's not immediately forthcoming

Last night I dreamt that I am

Last night I dreamt that I am at someone's house and my boyfriend comes there dressed up in white to get married to one of the girl's there.he sits on a chair in the porch and waits for the ceremony to start. he tells me that he found "another" and I felt cheated and leave the house with a very heavy heart. But I want to tell someone that he is a sick man and that he may not have told them all about himself. As I wait outside the house to find the phone number so that I can call and tell someone a lady comes out and I asked who she was. she says " I am the lovely wheatish bride of the groom and as I look at her I realise that she doesn't look good at all with dark complexion, teeth sticking out with dry pimple face. Hair was straight and shoulder length. I hesitated and was reluctant to tell her the truth about my boyfriend. Just then some people comes out and takes her inside the house telling her that she needs to dress up and I woke up.