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I was with my daughter at a

I was with my daughter at a huge crowd gathered around a huge cement pool bright blue of freezing cold water that a few people were dunking them selves in a a speak spoke. W The people began to talk among them selves and as as I was talking among the people around me, I suddenly realized that I had no idea where my daughter was, I began to panic calling her name and searching the crowd around me as they did as well and I looked over the short wall into the freezing water and my baby girl was face up at the bottom of the pool, she was wearing pink Onesy with feet and Just before diving in I'm screaming no, no, no and all though I knew it was my daughter she look exactly like my new baby nice who is of that age and as I woke, I found myselve F falling between the wall and my bed say in a panics what I was saying in my dream.

My tounge had a zipper across it

My tounge had a zipper across it long ways and i unzipped it a little. My tounge became split. At first I thought it was cute but then i kept messing with it and it began to swell and hurt. When i tried to zip it back the zipper broke and my whole tounge grew longer and bigger and split all the way. It felt like real pain. I was begging someone to take me to the hospital. At the same time as this I realized the house i was in was huanted but i didn't care. I looked in the mirror and saw it. It was very ugly and the uglyness went into my neck which was now swollen with ugly blemishes. Then i woke up. I looked liek a monster. By the way im pregnant so it was very vivid.

Dream Session November 8th 2017 Reversed order of

Dream Session November 8th 2017 Reversed order of a session with James? This one will be a hard one to write, but I will do my best to organize. First Section: I was soaked or have been. My thoughts focusing on maybe perhaps I had fallen into Toluca Lake? It was uncertain. James telling me I needed rest. Second Section: I woke kidnapped. Tied up. I could see a man, unknown to me. What was he? I pieced together he was an enemy of sorts. He had been "tough". Taunting James; whom was tied up himself. Locked away in a shed near where I was laying. The man had grabbed me. James yelling something at him only to get the response: "Mr. Sunderland. Oh Mr. Sunderland. You will soon see I am not after you." James had continued screaming through anger. The man whom had me as a hostage peered inside the shed James was locked in, staring at James between the wooden planks. His laughing. I could feel not only my skin crawl, but James' as well. This distorted man whom James directed his anger to: Who was he? A Cultist of Silent Hill? What did I do to piss off someone like that? From clear indication. This guy didn't want to keep me alive. James was struggling to escape his position. Tied and handcuffed. He seemed to be thinking more clearly than myself. How badly was I beaten? Third Section: We're at Jack's Inn. Time lapse? We escaped? Was it all a dream? Confusion and disoriented. I found James sitting at the small desk writing down, perhaps recent series of events. It seemed like he was in his own thoughts. "You all right?" James breaking away from his writing, realizing I was conscious. Was it really all a nightmare? "You should rest." We were safe. So what's the deal? If what I experienced wasn't a nightmare? Did I almost drown? Was I almost murdered? "Crash" isn't saying anything. Should I be worried? I should observe Crash's face. That would have given me a more solid answer. What about our wrists? I could have examined his wrists or even mine. Markings. Anything. If any of this infact was true. That means James and I aren't alone in Silent Hill. If this is infact true: We aren't safe in Silent Hill. James. The dream/metaphysical experience I had while trying to process all this has been beyond my own comprehension. Whoever that man was whom perhaps used either of us as bait; it's unclear as of right now. What his motives were. It's a troubling thought either of us were being hunted. Regardless. Thank you. As I was being drown by that monster. I couldn't process my thoughts and yet even still I am in awe. I should out right say what's on my mind. Thank you for saving me. I couldn't fight back. Yet as you freed yourself; your immediate goal was to save me without a second thought. I don't know what else to say at this moment.

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I have been having similar dreams the

I have been having similar dreams the past week I am 6 1/2 months pregnant if it helps but my dreams have all involved me getting hurt the first one I remember is a dog bit me on the forearm but he only had half of his teeth and one canine the next one I don't remember well but it involved my dog getting lost or dying. Then the third one I got shot 3 times in the back of the head but it didn't kill me even though it was through my skull and bleeding a lot and when I was on the operation the operating table to see if they could save me it seemed like my significant other didn't care that much when in real life he'd be freaking out , the last one I remember was my mother stabbing a thick syringe into my left breast right into the nipple and pulling out a syringe full of the fluids in there and not even caring. If someone could help me understand why I'm having these it would be very helpful

I was speeding along winding sea side

I was speeding along winding sea side roads in my home city in an old brown car, my speedometer was broken so I had to drive according to how well the car handled. A man helped me fix a blind covering the windshield so I could open it to drive and close it later. This same man turned out to be a spy and showed up at my fathers house to put poison in everything including my laundry and said by the time we found out what it was and where it would be too late. The poison eas meant for my father who was a rival agent but it was me that got sick. Later we found postcards with the eggs of deadly insects embedded in them meant to hatch.