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I was at the ralph getting done

I was at the ralph getting done with hockey practice but it was a younger me. My grandpa came to pick me up from practice and as we were walking outside my grandpa handed me a bowl of grapes in a pink bowl. We walked to him truck and heard a roar i turned around and there was a massive brown bear behind me. It was taller than the ralph and very scary looking. It could also talk, it asked me for my grapes, i said no because i was hungry after practice. My grandpa got mad at me and told me i needed to give the bear my grapes or else the bear would eat us. So i gave the bear my grapes and it stomped away destroying everything in its path.

I dreamed a younger about 35 hear

I dreamed a younger about 35 hear old version of me was sitting on what i think was my male friends lap with a classy blue bikini. Her spirit was meek, very ladylike and poised. Not highstrung like i jave become and ashamed of my body after surgeries and well life. I told her that i used to be like her but thn life happeed. I cant remember what i said to the guy/my significant other when i saw them together and her on his lap but i woke up shortly thereafter. I have been contemplating having a little rejuvenation work done. Not sure!