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I dreamed I was someone else... I

I dreamed I was someone else... I was a young blonde girl (I never saw her face as the dream was in first person, I only know she is blonde because she is constantly twirling her long hair in her fingers) and the dream started in her house at night. (I was her so it was my house, but it is not my house in real life) She was walking through the hall and saw her older brother (he had brown hair) laying on the couch (not asleep even though it was very late) In my dream I could tell that the girl was very upset, but I did not know why yet. The girl started talking to her brother and while they were talking she starts thinking about if she should tell him or not but eventually loses her nerve and goes to bed. (What she wants to tell him, I have no idea.) The next day she is in the kitchen, and because it is morning I can finally see what the house looks like. The house was all white, had big windows, and the floor was wet because she had just mopped it. Then her mom came into the kitchen and said something but I don't remember what. Then she (sorry, I don't know her name) asked her mom to follow her to the living room so they could talk, and once there she told her mom that she was pregnant. The mom at first seemed shocked, but then said, "We can't tell your dad, not yet. He'll kill you. Who is the father?" At this the girl started to cry and answered, "I don't know. I was at a party & I got too drunk, and some boys gang raped me. I couldn't walk or even stand but I tried to fight them until I passed out. I don't remember anything, the only reason I know, is because one of them filmed it." The dream fast forwards a few years in the future and this time it is in third person not first but I still don't see the girls face. She had a daughter (about 2-4) who has short, dark brown curls and brown eyes. The child has darker skin than it's mother and is dresses in a blue and red dress. They are playing in a field filled with cars in Summer. After that, I wake up. The weirdest part of my dream was that I recognized the rapists. (They are people who went to my high school, I even hung out with them a few times. Neither of them I like any more though. One is a druggie, the other is just a jerk.) ***Some info about me*** 1) The girl in the dream was definitely not me. She was years younger than me (in her early teens), had blonde hair (I am a brunette), was short (I'm not short), lived in a different house from me, had a different mother from me (her's was kinda tall & blonde, mine is short with black hair), had an older brother but no other siblings (I am the oldest of 5), and knew her father (he wasn't in the dream, but he was mentioned in the dream... I don't know my father at all as I have never met him.) 2) I have never been raped before of known anyone who has been raped. 3) I have never had a dream about rape before.