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i was with my bothers and brought

i was with my bothers and brought a brown shed for us to fry chicken in to sell then there was a group of people who recruited some people to sing and dance at a concert and meanwhile i opened my leg because blood was coming down as i laid on my back then there was a good-looking man sitting on the stairs and i said it was a pity that he had to go blind to become humble and i said that i was married to him and the women were upset because of this and i fled the scene, then the people who were dancing began to bite the people in the crowd and everyone rushed into the house and i was the first one to hide but when they came looking for me i hid under the bed and i was saved.

A black van pulls up in front

A black van pulls up in front of my house at night and I get the feeling they're gonna kill me , terrified I run to the backyard to hide and try to tell my dad and brother to run since they were out back with me. The people make it in the house and Imhear gun shots. I lay hiding in the dirt and leaves in the dark when they come out back to look for trying to see if anyone ran away. I hear one more gun shot and then the men leave. My family is unharmed and runs out to see my exboyfriend who I love dearly was the one shot in the backyard. He was trying to look for me and got shot.

A tornado is coming towards my house.

A tornado is coming towards my house. My whole family plans to hide in the safest room in the house. It takes forever for the tornado to get to my house as I am looking out at the window at it and my family is not scared. Not sure why, but I go outside to do something thinking I have time before the tornado hits, but it hits my house as I am outside. I hold onto the front porch railing as it goes over my house and I end up perfectly fine. It was a big deal I made it through, but my family seems to just be happy and not worried I was outside and just made it through a tornado.

In a run from a war ,

In a run from a war , then get held by the war people they want us to sleep me alone I could not sleep then they wanted to inject me in my left side of the neck but I escape then with all the crew but on the run I ask to hide to this house where the young woman hided me in a room where the curtains are lace and white but shorter than the windows, and 1 of the guys found me but him also was on the run then said no I won't hide with you because you are the 1 they want. Then he left . Now the old lady came who is the neighboure and look at me with ugly eyes but not talking. When I look at her I know her but I don't know from where.

It was like a world war in

It was like a world war in the area where we were hold they say we must sleep I couldn't sleep they wanted to inject me in my neck but I manage to escape with all the people that was there then I went my own way to a house with a young woman to ask for hiding, she puts me in this room with white lace curtains that was short from the window that neighboure could see me , while I was there some young man came and said oh you are hiding here I said yes he says I won't say anything because they are looking for you the most they they you are the strongest among us. Then 1 woman a neighboure for this woman who hide me she look at me and she was not happy to see me there

It was a world war and where

It was a world war and where we were held to sleep and be quiet, but then I couldn't sleep then the commander orders his worker to inject me in my neck but I manage to escape, while we were all running I saw a house with a woman and her friend I ask to hide. She put me in this house where the curtains where all lace curtains and shorter from the windows and every1 could see me, and 1 of the boys saw me then came in and say oh you are hiding here I won't tell any1 but then I was scared I went out ran again trying to hide

I am suddenly in some hill station.

I am suddenly in some hill station. There a friend from school stays with his family. This friend and I were never close. He was just a batch mate but he looked a little different. Taller and a better body build. It seems that I want to stay with him and he is enchanted by me and wants to make me stay. But his family especially his mother is concerned because apparently I'm a witch. Even this friend of mine knows that. There was a cemetery behind his house. We were almost trying to hide away from his parents. We went into some room that's there somewhere near the cemetery which is filled with blue and white roses. Another couple is making out there. He starts kissing me. And we start to kiss each other very passionately. It was very sexy and hot. But then something happened his mother discovered. Then I don't really recall. I had to teach my students I had to go. Something happened. And then I think I was turning into my actual witchy form. Which was deadly. But somehow I controlled it. I could see myself from the point of view of another person sometimes. So like a remote control I stopped the transition. And then I was leaving that friend's house. Oh yes in the beginning when I landed up at his house I was dressed as a bride in a white dress and claimed that I would marry him. I was trying to seduce him because of which we were trying to have sex with each other but eventually couldn't.