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My husband of almost 50 years and

My husband of almost 50 years and I are walking along when he suddenly says he'll be right back and for me to wait there. I never see or hear from him again.

Dreamed a spirit woke me up by

Dreamed a spirit woke me up by shaking my bed and touching my feet and lower legs when I got up to leave my bedroom I walked through the spirit and it was like walking through sludge

I was walking thru a forest full

I was walking thru a forest full of wild horses then finding a bright red hawk moth? Like the hawk moth shape but everything is gradiant sunset colors

I was at my cousins house. (We

I was at my cousins house. (We went there to my little cousins second birthday the other day in real life). I was walking to their guest bathroom when I felt scared, that somebody might already be in there and I didnt want it to be embarrassing. It suddenly went pitch black, my heart was beating. I didnt see anything but I heard a small kid laugh, running on a field/on grass. While she was running she fell. I heard hear almost starting to cry just like a small kid would when they fell. The sounds stopped and I heard a womens voice, like a narrator, in a serious tone. Pretty, serious voice. "If.. in your head, then..." - I dont remember much of it. I was conscious as soon as it went pitch black and I heard the kid. I tried waking up and opening my eyes but it was hard. Like something was trying to keep my eyes closed. I woke up. After a reassuring I was awake I closed my eyes again. It all happened again just faster. I tried waking up again, this time with moving. It was also hard but I managed to move my finger and wake up.

I enter a bar and insult an

I enter a bar and insult an old ethics professor. Pass by him and end up walking into another bar where the b bartender is with 3 attractive girls. My insult previously has them doing a shot with the bartender who pours one for me down a while which ends at another bar counter. He follows me down there and offers me the drink. Then we talk about a date he went on while dancing and almost kiss, when the girl he learned to dance for walks in.

I dream of a mighty lion and

I dream of a mighty lion and it rawed in my face and my flesh peeled away and just my spirit was standing there and then the lion said to me come walk with me and talk with me and we where walking towards a garden that was like no other garden I've seen before

I was helping take care of an

I was helping take care of an ill dog. It wouldn’t let me leave it’s side. It was a small & hairless dog. My three Rottweilers that I own were all in my room. My one dog that I own starts walking backwards. I get a tik tok saying watch this video to find out more. I closed the door & I ended up cutting it up & the next thing I know I’m outside with the same tik tok creator but a different video. I tried texting my mom saying we need to get out but I woke up.