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The dream starts out with me standing

The dream starts out with me standing at the top of a cliff. The cliff seems to be almost infinitely high , and goes straight down. At the bottom of the cliff there is nothing but water. Standing at the top of the cliff with me is one of my parents. In the dream my parent throws me off the cliff, and I fall down to the water below. The fall which should have been really long is over in an instant, and I either hit the water, or a creature jumps out of the water and grabs me as im about to hit it.

While driving I was falling asleep.

While driving I was falling asleep. Everything I could see was as if I was sitting in the drivers seat looking out of the window. I started driving over a bridge and then my view started to pan out, like when you zoom out when taking a photo. I then realized I was going backwards and was then falling off the bridge. I then see myself watching me fall of the bridge. As the car hit the water the image of myself watching it was erased like someone took a pencil and erased me. Then I woke up.