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My mother died when I was 24,

My mother died when I was 24, so a little over 3 years now. I have never dreamt about her since her passing. Until last night. So the dream starts out with me living in a house that I was previously rented with a couple friends. But in the dream I lived with my mother. Long story short, she tells me that she's moving out and that I won't see her anymore. After telling me this it's like everything is going down hill. And then I'm in a field of green grass and I'm running after her. Which seems like forever. When I turned back to look, the house was gone. And I'm standing alone in this empty grass filled field.

Me and some friends were messing with

Me and some friends were messing with demons and we fell into a hole filled with pink fish and my mom kept saying not to touch fbe bottom or your feet will burn. We swam to shore and there was this path keeper lady who showed us where we were and we ended up at a theme park and peter pan was there only he was really gay. And then I got hired to decorate the rides and I had to go in the basement and I'm scared of basements and I had to set up this doll that looks like a cupcake and then my grandma and brother show up and take us on a ride with a boat and the boat tips and none of us can swim so my grandma pulls out those fake mermaid tails and they help us swim and we go to this hotel with my mom and dad and my grandma but the floor is all wet and those pink fish are there and there's a lot of teddy bears and my grandma keeps swearing. Then the cupcake doll chases us and we try to get home but we can't and then I wake up