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I was inside of a dark building.

I was inside of a dark building. Every minute I spent in there, it got darker. There seemed to be no way to get in this building, and no way to get out. There were no doors and no windows. There were also exit signs that weren't lit up. I tried following them to find a staircase, but there were no stairs. There seemed to be people that worked there, but you couldn't tell what they looked like. Additionally, they also whispered inaudible things as I walked or ran by. There was only one other victim, other than me. I remember bumping into him. He sounded very distraught, but he was still rational. He seemed to be on the brink of insanity. But when I talked to him, he seemed to have calmed down. He was very hungry. He kept telling me how hungry he was, and if I had found food. I told him I'd help him, but we went our separate ways. The strange thing about this place was that it was very factory-looking. There was no operating machinery, or sounds...but almost everything was made of metal or sheet metal. It looked like a hospital or a hotel. I remember there being a lot of elevators. All the ones I tried didn't work. Some of them were out of order, and others looked too terrifying to even try. Almost every single one had a mirrored ceiling. None of them worked right at all and each one got more sinister looking as I had found more and more of them. But there were no stairs. I remember specifically not trusting the elevators and wanted to find a stairway. I never did. The last elevator I tried was interesting. It could only go from floor 6 to floor 7. I had no idea what floor I was on. Be it 6 or 7. I never had a chance to reach another floor on the top or the bottom. I could only tell this elevator could go to either one, and it only had the two buttons, whereas the other elevators had several to choose from. I tried to use this elevator. It didn't work. The last thing I remember was finding a source of light. I frantically traveled through rooms to find a way out. The light looked promising but I couldn't tell if it was a window or just a hole in the wall, because the entire place was getting darker and darker and I could no longer make anything out...I only saw a light. When I tried to look through to see what was on the other side, the entire wall of that room shattered like glass and I fell out of the building. I was definitely not on a 6th or 7th floor. I was very high up and I appeared to be falling to my death. Instead of staying in the dream to see the impact, my fall was interrupted by everything turning black again. Then I heard the most realistic groan I have ever heard in my life. I don't know if it was me waking up or my unconsciousness putting that sound in my head, but it startled me awake. Even though the sound was disturbing, I was relieved to be out of that dream.

In my dream michelle and anthony we're

In my dream michelle and anthony we're chanting as they were coming closer towards me. I was laying on the ground and looked up to see they're both carrying a glass looking object with sharp pointy ends. Inside looked like an oily glass Next I was sitting in what appeared to be a den around a tabke with many others that I don't recognize . they were chanting around me. I became freaked out and ran out of the house. I looked around to see the night sky and every house on the block was dark with no street lights on. I screamed for help and tried to knock on doors but nobody answered. All of a sudden a white truck comes towards me attempting to run me over. That's when I awoke from that awful nightmare. I awoke at 2 am unable to fall asleep right away in fear that I would fall back into it.

Honeymoon dream Waterfalls Engagement island Really high

Honeymoon dream Waterfalls Engagement island Really high waterfalls with multiple layers- we started out looking out from the highest point and then made our way to the middle look out point From there when I looked down it was still deep and far down to the water I had 2 per lizards I was cuddling with, One by one each lizard jumped into the water together where I saw one really happy swimming with a giant toad 2 pet lizards each went into the water My love had an orange backpack We jumped in the water falls to get to the next level We crawled through a tiny hole up into an exclusive rich person resort where there were rich taught old lady bodies who were flexing their ass in the mist and gyrating My iPhone broke and I stole purple tape to fix it Bathroom problems and expensive drinks and food Danny was there we got an appetizer It ended with my love and I on a train somewhere in Europe together traveling he had blonde hair and wire glasses we were in an embrace and it was as if it was a movie

I'm in the town where I grew

I'm in the town where I grew up, with my deceased sister and deceased uncle, who molested the both of us. we are in a building where I once worked in that small town. There is a large fire on the mountain, we are evacuating, I am carrying a large glass 1/2 full container of orange juice and take it to the car. My uncle is already in the car, that of which I currently drive now. My sister is still somewhere in the building. The fire is so close I can almost feel it, I'm yelling for my sister to hurry, we have to get our grandmother , who is also deceased, who I was never close with. I can see her running with a sleeping bag in her arms. suddenly the flames from the fire engulf her. The flames over take us. I wake up. My heart is beating fast, my body is in a sweat, there are tears streaming down my face. Even as I type this . I haven't been able to go back to sleep .

I was on something like a dock.

I was on something like a dock. A large squid was laying there and I knew that was the true form of the man that I loved. He was normally human but changed when he touched the water. He kissed me in his squid for somehow and rubbed his 'nose' somehow with mine. That was when we said we loved each other.I could hear the people banging on the other side of the door but that didn't matter. The scene changed and he was in danger because he had to go home. He could only accomplish that through the water. So I tried to jump from the bridge along with some other man to break the glass that was placed on top of it. Only it wasn't glass but a fence. We tried braking it but nothing happened it only bent. So we tried from another angle. We finally found a way to get into the water. My beloved jumped but the water somehow vanished when he touched it. I don't know where he went. The scene changed again but I think this time I traveled back in time to see how my beloved had me his first love. I think it was me but I could be wrong. Then I woke up.