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I remember I was flying about this

I remember I was flying about this sandy beach, the waves gently lapping at the shore. It wasn't on my own, no, there was some sort of hang-glider I was using. From how high up I was, I could see these red and white specks littering the sand, half-buried. I descended a bit, and discovered they were pokeballs! I heard a soft whooshing noise, and another plopped down a little ways away from me. I glided along this trail until I looked up, seeing a male figure in the distance with a bazooka-type instrument, propelling these red and white spheres toward me. He turned tail and I gave chase. It was broad daylight, so I had no trouble following him to a sort of playground-like place by, believe it or not, a burger stand. When I caught up with him, we perched on the top bar of the swings, and when he smiled it was if a fog had lifted and I saw my friend Jericho. His cousin appeared and we had a rather lovely conversation about how our lives had gone, though I don't quite remember specifics. Jericho's cousin left to procure some food from the burger stand while Jericho and I just sort of hung out... Then, the burgerstand stood up. Kind of like a transformer. It was that shock that woke me up.

I was in a srange land-the sea

I was in a srange land-the sea was half blue half rust. there were wild horses running freely. there was green grass and i was walking bare foot. there was also a lovely dog in my dream and soeone who i didnt know. the feeling i got was one of wonder

Uloric side effects pain You mean she

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I dreamt that I was swimming in

I dreamt that I was swimming in a river with very clear water with beautiful natural surroundings. The water was calm and lovely. Some friends swam were in front of me. The river suddenly became three rivers. The friends took the far right one. I took the left path and they followed me. I had overtaken them. Then later a client from Ethiopia came to do a deal with me. He received a notification of payment in his cellphone. He was so happy he paid me a thousand rand in clean bills of R50 and R100. Later I gave a hundred to my late grandmother who was walking with my living mother.