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I had a dream where my parents

I had a dream where my parents and little brother and I were shopping at this mall that has appreared in my dreams before. While shopping, we decided to get the baby sitter to take care of my brother and everything was fine. We then decided to go see a movie so we drove like two minutes to the one beside the mall. We parked and there was a gang there and they were hanging about, but I noticed something weird when i looked up at the sky. These fake looking silver things were sparkling. Then i pointed it out to my parents and then it was clear that they were UFO's now, and that they were upducting a hidden cop car in the parkinglot. Then we decided a change of plans and quickly got in the car and drove away, but the UFO's were chasing us.

Getting ready for a mini gathering with

Getting ready for a mini gathering with Pepper, Hanna, Linda Overslept? Supposed to meet them at 11:00am but woke up at 11:07am Went to Giant to shop for brunch items Run into Hanna and Linda I've prepared chicken and waffles I want to get something else. Linda suggests I get blueberries too I drive over to the park and it's now a Starbucks employees gathering. On a pier of some sort. Looking over a beautiful lake. With a ropes course and mini islands. I get worried because I don't know how to swim. I'm with Von and Frankee? Von is so cool. She's dressed in blue button up and khakis. Everyone is. I'm wearing chambray top and black pants. Will that be ok? Von wants to swim and do a ropes course. Gets really excited. But then mentions she's on her period and can't. I'm next to a Hispanic guy. Then BlackCindy from the tv show, "Orang is the New Black" appears with a huge duffel bag. I hold the bag for her. She sits next to me on wooden bench. She's so funny. Then next to me is... white guy, so familiar. Dax Shepherd. We start talking. I mention how I haven't had sex since I got married. I tell him not to get married. We talk about the TV show, "How I Met Your Mother." He starts flirting with me. Selena Gomez comes in. Crying. Everyone rushes over to her. I give her a tissue but she throws it away and gives me a dirty look. I don't take it personally.

Shannon has come to visit me from

Shannon has come to visit me from America, we are in Salisbury we go to Bedwin Street and there are houses there with steps leading up to the doors. A boy holds a door open for us a man tries to talk to Shannon about football but i manage to help him get away from him. We go up the steps and into the room. it s very beautiful with painted flowers over a fan vaulted ceiling like bath abbey. It reminds me of a gift shop. Suddenly Shannon is behind me, he breathes on my neck – it reminds me of when i was taking photos in Seattle of the space needle in the Chuhuli exhibition at night in the garden with glass sculpture i am so happy we are back together and it feels like love.

We are in a car. The car

We are in a car. The car breaksdown. There's an old mechanic shop and they fix it. While that is happening there's this lake with an island and people walk on the water to get to the island. Out of no where this figure comes. It runs across the lake and I realize it's a moose. The moose sees me and runs at me I think it's cute but then I'm intimidated and the moose chases me until I realize he's sweet. Then we walk into the sun with him holding my hand in his mouth.

My boyfriend and I were grocery shopping

My boyfriend and I were grocery shopping in a little Mexican meat store and I wouldn't let him pay. he left the store to get his car and I stayed paying. When I got out of the store he parked and we walked around the corner to the neighborhood I grew up in. We went to my old apartment and knocled. The father of my friend answered it and let us through. We went into the neighborhood and oprah said hi to us so I waved back and told him oprah had been my neighbor there. We then walked under a tree and I picked an avocado. I then showed him the rest of the apartment complex