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I dreamt that i was at a

I dreamt that i was at a supermarket rebranding a coco cola shelf when armed rubbers came into the supermarket.....i quickly fitted my self on the bottom shelf where I was working out of sight... As everybody who was in the supermarket were taken to the front and some shot dead.... A young lady tried to run but was shot just as she reached where i was hiding...as she fell to the floor her eyes wide open looking at me between the shelf....i wanted to scream but blocked my my mouth ...the guy passed by and i took a pic of his shoes....i sent an SOS to all my contacts... Texted my boss to let her know what was happening so she could call the police... The robbers escaped...but one stayed to see what was going on....the same one i took the pic of his shoes...i showed the pic to the police and he was arrested and led them to the rest of his friends

I was at home and laying on

I was at home and laying on the floor rapped in a blanket and my dead fiancé came home from work and changed clothes I told him that there was a women and a young child sitting on the couch he said he had some shorts on and than he came by me and I gave him a hug I said to him I though he lost weight because when I was hugging him I was able to rap my arms around him he said he was losing weight and smiled than we started talking about selling the house we were in.

In the 90, youngsters can only dream

In the 90, youngsters can only dream of which, zero received them far more handy, as well as within our period it really is complicated to help envision a kid without having them. The exchange will probably give attention to radio-controlled dolls. Originally, means along with machines with remote control become produced pertaining to effect into dangerous or inaccessible position for folks. Later, getting traveled on the daily stage, we were holding transformed straight into enchanting gadget pertaining to adolescents. The a number of manners and also sorts of designs usually puzzles father or mother, although results are fully versed within the features of your doll. Jaka zabawka dla chlopca 10 lat

I was in a fun house with

I was in a fun house with a famous clown who appeared on Britain's got talent. I was with my best friend and was messing around with the clown. He disappeared and so did my best friend. I climbed up some stairs and found two of my other friends on the roof with a massive inflatable slide leading of it to the ground (at least 300ft drop). I remembered doing this slide when younger loads of times but it seemed steeper now. One of my friends was terrified but my other was cool with it. I said I would go first to show that nothing was wrong. The first drop on the slide was really steep but I wanted to go fast so pushed of really hard. I went soaring though the sky and missed the slide and fell to the ground. I landed on the grass but survived.