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Amy pole her dies and everyone is

Amy pole her dies and everyone is sad. They pay tributes to her on a tv show which I'm witnessing live. The tv show has a segment where a guy uses animals for comedy. After the segment and touching tribute, a slug escapes away from everyone's attention. I try to revert the slug with an obstacle, but I give up and he escapes and tries to eat one of the other animals. I get the attention of the host and he freaks. My vision is blurry and i run into a basement to get my glasses. I'm running through this office building like basement alone, and scared because I'm the only one here and that freaks me out. I finally find my glasses and sprint terrified back up to the people and the dream ends.

I had a really long dream about

I had a really long dream about escaping from a lot of people who actually wants to kill or hurt me and my companions. In the dream, wherever I go, it seems like everyone has this bad motive and is the companion of the bad people. I've witness a lot of death in my dream, but I seem to escape somehow and then wherever I go, there are just bad things that happen. I escape through several transportation like boat, train, and car. In the dream, I also was trapped in the train, expecting that I can escape through it, but it turns out that it is a trap. Then there are a lot of bad people who are just randomly killing everyone on the train, and I actually felt like I was shot too but I'm still alive and managed to escape with some people. Also, there is a part of the dream, that I managed to escape through a car, but I was suspecting it is trap again like the driver could possibly be one of the bad guys too.

I had a dream where in the

I had a dream where in the beginning me and my mom were shopping at a store and she was looking at yarn and charms and we heard a man a few ales away shouting at a man and a woman. The mans shouting scared me but my mom seemed unaffected but alert in case of danger. after shopping we went to a hotel and we were on our way to the room we were going to stay in when we heard a man shouting again at someone. We stopped for a short time but we kept on moving to our room. When we got to the door to our room a skinny but fit man came out of his room and he looked like the man who was yelling in the store earlier. My mother opened the door and the man walked in between us and stopped in front of me. I tried to go around him and he kept blocking my way to the door. Then all of a sudden the man grabbed me and took me around the corner to a completely empty white room. I kept yelling and kept trying to make him let me go but he wouldn't let go. I yelled for my mom and thrashed and finally escaped his hold on me. I ran to the door of my hotel room and it was closed and my mother was no where in sight. I looked back and the man was right behind me so I kept running just to get away from him. I ran down several hallways and yelled for help but no one came to help me. when I looked back again he was bigger in more muscle but less agility. I ran from one wall and ran back knowing he couldn't keep up with my agility. The dream ends with me still running up and down the hallways away from the man.

I'm lost sometimes alone sometimes with other

I'm lost sometimes alone sometimes with other people in a place I'm not sure of but I seem to know my way around. The place is always dark, gross, and abandoned looking. Bloody and rusty rooms and everything is trashed. I normally have a flashlight because everything is dark. There are disfigured monsters always chasing after me, some are different from others, some are slow, fast, so look more disfigured than others with rotting flesh and very bloody. Most don't have faces just lumps of flesh with arms and legs. The place I am in I can never escape. I seem to run around hopelessly. When there is someone with me they always try to find a way out but fails.

Last night I dreamt I was witness

Last night I dreamt I was witness to my family's history in America from pre-revolutionary times until the present. I saw my ancestors interacting with Native Americans and teaching them how to understand English. I saw buildings sprout from the earth that had been underwater only seconds before. As the time periods changed, buildings disappeared and new ones appeared in their places while the people around me appeared in clothes appropriate to the period. Just before I awoke, another group of buildings was emerging just as everything was being covered with earth. I escaped by riding on the cupola of the tallest building. It wasn't until then I realized I was bring observed by a group of people who existed outside what was going on, just as I had been observing the action in my dream.

I am in an aincent morgue in

I am in an aincent morgue in Rome with a person I do not know but in my dream I knew who he was, we were undercover Waiting for a woman to come in who is suppose to be a vampire but she can also walk In the light, we are dressed in white clothing as if we are part of the dead laying along the walls and she enters around sunset, somehow the place gets boarded up and me and this guy I am with get trapped in the aincent morgue with her and she starts feeding on the dead and we try to escape but she somehow knew we were waiting on her and she comes after us, I break a small window and let the light shine through and it somehow hurts her this time and I start to scream out the window for help and she looks at me and says your wailing won't be heard here and then I wake up

I had a dream this morning that

I had a dream this morning that I don't understand. It's like I was at my aunt's house with my family we were celebrating something I'm not sure but it had just got done raining for days because the back yard was flooded. The water was so high.Plus in the dream my aunts back yard was connect to the Chattahoochee River (not sure if you've heard it) but it's a major river in the south. It has claimed the lives of many. Anyways, my cousins and & I are sitting on my aunts deck just talking and I saw a piece of wood break that separated my aunts yard from the river. I immediately got up and warned my cousins we needed to move to the porch next to us because where we sitting the foundation of the house & deck were going to go into the river. But they laughed and said I was overreacting, that nothing would happen. So, I listened to them but I knew in my heart that I was right. So I sat close enough to the edge so I could escape. Moments later the foundation gave away, I think there was a earthquake too. I don't remember who all survived but I did. While this was happening I was telling them they should have listened to me. After everything had calmed down, I was walking around trying to see could I see if I could help anybody. I couldn't find my cell phone. My mom called my aunts phone to speak to me..she complained how she had been calling me several times but she couldn't get in contact with me. She wanted to tell me my grandma died. I literally had just saw here before the earthquake and stuff. My uncle and her left my aunts to go back home which was literally right up the street. When my mom told me the news, I felt a sense of regret. I felt I took my grandma for granted because in my mind I knew I would see her later but she died before I did. Then I woke up * my grandma has been dead for 8 years in real life