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In my dream i was in an

In my dream i was in an unknown building. It was my brother and my favorite celebrity walking with me.They both got taken away from me by a security guard i know. I hid and followed to where they were taken. I tackled the security guard and punched him in the balls. I told my brother to run and we escaped. We entered a conference room. There was a lady talking about a bomb. I opened an exit door and saw sunshine and my brother's car. The lady forced us to stay and we all took a bus to an empty plain. we were watching the test bomb. orange smoke came out of it and i woke up before it blew up.

last night i dreamt i was walking

last night i dreamt i was walking in my old neighborhood and the sky was bright with shining stars and I started to notice how beautiful they were and that they looked like diamonds and then I saw some of the stars "shooting and spiraling" around the sky, I was mesmerized by them. I tried to take a picture but the picture did not depict the stars but a beautiful view of a sunset scene or so that is what it appeared like to me, the colors were a magificent ranges of oranges, yellows, and reds.