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It was strange, to make it short,

It was strange, to make it short, I was running from someone or something, and I realized somehow that I was dreaming, before I looked info about lucid dreams and know a few tricks to confirm you're dreaming, so I tried in my dream to look my hands, and I did. I asked myself, am I dreaming? And so a ran out of a door on an outer space and immediately looked back to see if that someone or something was following me, it wasn't. Is like I clicked in my dream and the whole dream changed. I saw as well that there's a device you put in your head before you go to sleep that lights a red beam in your eyes during the night, and you can see it when you're dreaming, so I looked up in the sky to see if I could find it but I didn't cause I don't have the device, but I remembered and looked up! Everything inside my dream... I knew I was dreaming. I was tryna figure out where I was and so I saw a door with blurry white letter written on it, I couldn't read it, but I saw a logo, I believe it was 2 triangles with stripes face opposite directions ( one up and one down) ^v ... what does that mean? I've been trying to look for the logo or symbol and I can't seem to find anything relevant...

My name is Jaysen I have had

My name is Jaysen I have had a recurring dream since I was 6 years old Iam now 36 and still to this day have this same dream that go's a little deeper each time but all ways starts off the same way here go's It starts off I am in a long narrow boat I'am in the middle wearing a dark cloak as well as the figure in front of me as well from behind me its very dark i cant tell were the sky starts and were the water ends its all the same there is a lot of smoke and fire all around me and there are buildings half submerged in the water. we pull up to lad and all 3 of us are out we head to a building with giant Roman Pillar's this building is all so surround by fire in the water the entrance way is open with several stairs leading down to a landing and more stairs then I wake up every time. sweating in a wet bed from my head up and every time I have a low pitch reigning in my ear that slowly fades out. this reining also happens in the day time when I am am working or just driving or sitting around the house and has bin going on since the time of the dreams started.

I had this dream where I woke

I had this dream where I woke up in this white room. When I say white I mean that EVERYTHING WAS WHITE The floor was white, the tv was white, the nightstand was white. Anything that you could have possibly think of was white. I got out of the bed and honestly didn't care where I was tbh I was more interested in what was in this place more than how I got there. I walked around and noticed all the doors were locked so I thought "Well damn am I stuck here now?" I turned around to see this huge window that appeared out of no where I quickly ran over to see what was out there and the view was like a water floor that would spread for miles, a sunset that looked white, not normally it's orange-red ish color and just a clear white sky. but okay this is was my favorite part, at that moment I felt like someone was behind me, and I was right. It was some guy who laid on the floor kinda like a doll I guess? He wasn't moving so I walked over to him and moved his hair out of his hair out of the way and noticed that His eyes were blue. That was the first color in that dream that I saw that wasn't white

I bought out my parents house and

I bought out my parents house and decided to fill it with teeny weeny plastic vases until a ghost in a beany hat started possessing me and making me live under a piano stool forever. Then some homeless guy knocked on the door so I decided he should lay in bed with me to watch Netflix but I got embarrassed because there was crumbs everywhere. Suddenly there was a siren noise and I looked out the window and there were eggs hanging from the sky on long strings.