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I dreamt that I snuck my ex

I dreamt that I snuck my ex boyfriend into my parents house and we were having aex and my mom walked in and we pretended to sleep. I’m 40 and still living at home

I had a dream where my husband

I had a dream where my husband and I were walking with our children and he said there was $140 on the ground. On the ground the money was on fire so I stomped on it and it was in tact with minor burn on the side like it had black markings but the whole bill was complete. Then I walked to my car and I believe a drug addict came and said I saw you pick up money it was $140 and it's mine. I knew it wasn't his because the amount I actually picked up was $120 and told him otherwise. I was acting so cold towards the person which took me back because I don't behave this way normally. What does this mean?The car broke down heading to work so I took a bike instead and as I was getting towards the freeway it was harder and harder to turn the pedals until I couldn't turn them anymore they became increasingly heavier. Then someone attached my bike to theirs to help me and when I got on the bike I was very high off the ground like almost 15 feet. And the bike would be swirving from side to side. I felt like I was going to fall but I never did. Eventually i got to work and when I got off I saw my husband being friendly with the person that helped me get to work but it didn't seem like he knew the person helped me. I felt uneasy about the person and couldn't put my finger on it and then I woke up

The angel who redeemed me from all

The angel who redeemed me from all calamity appeared on my wall on the day of atonement in my apartment 1401 ELIZABETH ST Jefferson City mo

A race thingy, somewhere that looks like

A race thingy, somewhere that looks like Italy. he and i were rushing he had to change his clothes in the back and tossed me the keys to drive. i was nervous but we gotta get going already, so i drove. Then a short while later when our opponents were catching up from the back, he asked me to go faster. I was doing like 120-140km/h and fucking scared because i never drove so fast plus it’s in those narrow lanes with like shops set up on the road. Then he was trying to calm me down and helping me watch out for traffic. we survived haha

I was back in my old high

I was back in my old high school and we wrote a math test which I did 1100/1400 and then my friend Davies was there too and he sent me to look for his clothes In what I am assuming is his class but then somehow I ended up in his closet which had his clothes but also had like crop tops in small sizes and other tops too but for someone who wears small and I started looking for who that could be

Last night i went to bed a

Last night i went to bed a 12 :40 p.m. i had a nightmare in a lonely forest i was lost without being able to leave and when i reached a river i heard a voice that screamed but it was a high-pitched voice , i felt scared and ran out and climbed a tree to see the exit but when i was up in the tree there was a snake in my hand and i fell from the tree but before i fell i woke up

I dream about apache i carry my

I dream about apache i carry my child they cover my face with blanket on top mountain my child was a baby then now he 40yr i have not had that dream /until last night again

I was at college and I was

I was at college and I was lost I need to go t ok the 400 area asked a teacher she said I had to go upstairs and head down a hallway and I'll be their I left and I can't get out of the maze of rooms