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I was at the zoo and saw

I was at the zoo and saw a stampede of alligators. I went into an alcove where there were other people. The alligators came into the alcove. I fed one tiny crocodile and one person cookies. A chicken walked by and the tiny crocodile ate it. As it was eating it, I ran out of the alcove and saw a huge alligator. It came after me, but then went after someone else. I used that chance to escape and when I escaped the zoo, I got the attention of a police officer who was arresting a gang, to help the people left behind.

Dreamt I was in a car with

Dreamt I was in a car with a friend and someone I didn't know but felt like they were my son's father. we passed a festival and my friend wanted to go and left us and the man and I went to a shabby hotel. I kept explaining the urgency to get my son. The man then started to masturbate, took off the head of his penis and starting saying nasty things. I asked for the keys to the car but only the shell of the car was there. the keys worked for another car. I left and came back and the police were arresting him and 2 other people and they had blood and cuts on them and a mans head was on the wall.

I was making tea in the kitchen

I was making tea in the kitchen of my grandparents flat and looked out of the window at our local church. There were police, forensics and a grave was being dug up. I felt extreme panic as I knew I had murdered someone and buried them there on a freshly dug grave and I knew that I wouldnt get away with it. Then suddenly I am at home worrying and there is a loud knock at the door. When I andwer it to a cid policeman ha reads my rights arresting me for the murder of..........?? Always wake up before I know who it is. This has recurred numerously

That my ex and my daughter had

That my ex and my daughter had a fight and when I got home the police was arresting him and I asked him if I wasn't family orient would he be with me and he said no.

My dog in the kitchen after destroying

My dog in the kitchen after destroying it crying and shaking on the floor she chewed a wire n got hurt. My family here for dinner my granny putting a live turkey into the oven. My sister bleeding her implant bust she had to go to hospital my partner out side I went looking for him and crowd of people fighting police there arresting people

It was halloween everyone was in costumes

It was halloween everyone was in costumes walking around the police knocked on my sisters door and said they had a warrent for my arrest. i jumped out of the bedroom window. ran as fast as i could trying to hide from the cops...being chased i jumped in the river that in real life does not exist. i finally got out of the river i was in another family members house trying to walk out side now i'm dressed up so i couldn't be noticed there was police officers everywhere arresting everyone. i then made it to my moms car she saved me getting me in the car as we were driving down the street it was packed with people we couldn't drive anyway we got to a check point and the police found me and said my warrent was because my mom was suing me for 300 dollars i got arrested then woke up

I saw people in a weeding a

I saw people in a weeding a lady wearing a wedding gown wedding dress and man wearing suit and other suits. i was in a butchery shop and there was dried worms in the shape of a trye and also tripe and apolice lady wearing a uniform came arresting people but i manage to escape and she did not arrest me. and i was with a celebrity making a tea for her and i could not see the sugar but later i found the suger basin, we went to station and the was wood packs