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Two gorgeous gigantic white lions asleep and

Two gorgeous gigantic white lions asleep and one awaked to my footsteps approaching and walked right up to me and my poodle but did not attack her or me. The lion was unchained

My friends moved away. they moved to

My friends moved away. they moved to a haunted farm house. They were asked if they wanted to christen the house before moving in so it wouldnt be haunted anymore. They said "no we dont believe thats true" Then my friend gets possessed and screams on the top of her lungs for a while. Her hands get sown together with fishing hooks sticking out of them. She is laying on a bed in the creepy house screaming chained to the bed.

Someone was locked in a room with

Someone was locked in a room with a two-way mirror on every wall. He was chained to a chair and was practically unconscious . I was forced to be tied and chained down to a chair and watch him be tortured and couldn't do anything. Then he had the choice, either he dies and I live, or he lives and I die. As every other time I have had this dream he choose to save me. The lights go out right before he dies.

My friend and I was walking down

My friend and I was walking down a street and we came up to a group of boys that was make a decision to beat up a boy as a group which was my grandson, so when one the boys noticed that I was the boys grandmother they wanted to beat up they decided to come after me and my friend so I want tell him what they planned to do to him so my friend and I started to run and we came to place where we could crawl into it was a white square glass like low place that we had to crawl into we continue to crawl to get to the other side to come out, as I began to crawl in the front in the first and my friend was behind me so continued to crawl as I got further to the back I saw I saw laying there, so I told my friend to go back because she was a afraid of dogs. I told her I must go on and go through to the end to come out so I got close to the dogs but as I got close I saw an electrical wire going across the place and then I saw a fence like place then I saw a tube look like a breathing tube from a machine going straight across the place as I went further I saw two white small dogs they just laid there they didn't move at ll even thought I got close to them so I went a little further crawling on my knees and green grass were under my knees so I came up to two more dogs but there were a big black dog on my left and a big brown dog on my right but hey were chained up they didn't move at all the just looked at me then I heard a voice say to me I will make even the vicious beast be at peace with you.

I dreamed last night that i was

I dreamed last night that i was on the interstate in the back seat of a vehicle. A flat bed transfer truck had a dog chained to the center of the trailer. We pulled up behind the car to get a better look. The dog then walked towards our vehicle and we realized the chain had gotten loose and gained a lot of slack. The dog attempted to step onto the hood of our vehicle and looked frightened. The dog then fell and was drug behind the transfer truck down the interstate until we were able to pull in front of the truck and make them stop. PLEASE tell me what this means.

I'm in a dark room, the walls

I'm in a dark room, the walls are concert and have cracks in it. One crack goes from the corner on the far left from the floor to the ceiling. The floorboards on old and rotted some completely missing. My arms are crossed behind by back and short chains are wrapped around my wrist and connected to the wall. The chained are so short that they bring my wist between my shoulder blades, so I can't move at all. I have on a pair of black jeans and a grey t shirt on. My jeans are ripped showing a gash in my right leg traveling from my inner thigh to a couple inches above my knee, looks to be an inch deep. I'm opposite from the door. My mind is foggy, like I've been drugged or something. I see a soft glow in the doorway and hear a roaring then the whole room is on fire. I struggle against the chains but can't get out. Then I'm on fire. Burning alive.

I was running around my house and

I was running around my house and it was on fire. An evil guy was chasing me and trying to kill me with a sword. I kept jumping over fences and the evil guy kept following me. I was trying to save my friends and family who were captured by some of the evil guys goons. my pets were chained up my the fence away from the house

The love of my life died several

The love of my life died several months ago. Prior to his death Had been dreaming of him several times a week. the night he died I woke up startled feeling smothered. The next morning there were crows at my window. I have been dream about him almost every night at first dark and hazy .until two nights ago I it was bright and clear I could feel him touch my foot he was dressed in a light off white suite he walked over to his ex wife and either kissed her on the cheek or whispered something in her ear-but smiling at me and his daughter . Than I felt the the something pulling and looked down and saw that he and I were chained together. Everyone was smiling and laughing in the room but his ex.