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I am walking down the street, then

I am walking down the street, then a car starts following me. I begin to walk faster but I can't escape the car. Then suddenly the car catches to me. Then a clown jumps out the car.

I was in my house with the

I was in my house with the families of the hockey team is was on and we were playing board games in my moms kitchen and we took a break then we decided to go to a lot across the road to play board games we got a little creeped out at first because there was a really old guy dressed in all white clothing and he was wearing a white mask and then we decided to play boardgames anyway and then this talI white guy in a clown costume walked up and he looked scary and then this guy came up he was wearing all red and was wearing a red mask on and he was really fat and like they just started walking around in circles around us and we got really scared so I pushed the fat guy down the hill but he landed on my mom and almost took her down but then we ran away and went into my house and then we told Stephanie we said we have to Go and we all started running towards my house but I don’t know what happened to Stephanie and her son and me and my mom made it in my house we locked all the doors and like shut all the windows and we looked out there and the clown and the fat guy were walking around I don’t know what happened to the white guy and then we were there and I decided to look out the window again and then they were in the back of the house so I decided to go look and they were hiding behind the brick building and I decide to go get a knife from the garbage can and I fell and went the wrong way and it took me a long time and they start running after me I luckily made it up the stairs and in my house and we locked all the doors then we went into my room and we were in a cubbyhole we locked the door behind us we hid in the back and I woke up

There were very long stairs and the

There were very long stairs and the top of the stairs was me and someone that looked exactly like my partner sort of a clowned version of my partner and at the bottom of the stairs was my real partner so there was like two of her as soon as she saw me with the person that looked exactly like her she ran towards me and started fighting for me when i tried stopping them the person that looked like my partner pushed me i stood up and ran to my real partner crying my partner and i ran down the stairs whilst the clowned version of my partner stayed at the top of the stairs looking at us with anger