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In my dream Governor Andrew Cuomo had

In my dream Governor Andrew Cuomo had been exposed as an abusive semenancer and was featured on the cover of Newsweek with the headline "A Stain Across the Face of Albany - The Cuomosexual Semenancy Scandal" It seemed really weird cause in the dream I was like "Only semenancy?! Everyone knows it's MUCH worse than just semen based sex magick mind control! It's like the scandal is just part of a stage show!" So creepy....

Husband and girlfriend two houses across the

Husband and girlfriend two houses across the street from each other across from the ocean one house is my childhood house the other is his girlfriends house where she is with her family the ocean is where my husband and I used to walk after the girlfriend is exposed me and her family with my husband are at the house and jeans I go for a walk along the ocean and as we leave her families house he yells onto the house I love you me and my husband walk along the beach on the ocean I the water what does that mean

A voyeur to a group of people

A voyeur to a group of people on the beach sunbathing nearest the rocks, the waves are crass, i am spying through binoculars. hummingbirds fly around my head like magic, im ecstatic but my friend berates me, the colorful birds start trying to peck out my eyes, so i cover my face, blindly walking and be lead along by the same friend. my sister and i are going to go swimming, but neither own a bathing suit, i try to cut some clothes as makeshift, but they are ill-fitting and i am exposed, my sister acts a bystander a question, then something about being plus sized. some mention of vampires, trying to figure out who the culprit is, who's the one who's been feeding.. i picture a man's face, he looks haggard and bestial. the ocean.. later i am in a stuffy old waiting room, and what seem to be hallucinations of cutesy cartoons muck about. someone speaks of darkness, and then apologizes.. crone?

I was at work and noticed that

I was at work and noticed that I had a hair coming out of my palm on both my left and right hand. After looking at it for a while I started pulling it on both hands and the hair just kept coming out till it was about 10 cm long. Then from my index finger on both hands what i can only describe as a expendable antenna came out of the tips of my finer piercing through the skin. I started to panic and ran to what I thought was the doctors but somehow ended up home. I was with my parent's and Sister and when i tried to show them the Antenna looking thing ( Which by the way was pure white like it was made from bone) had retracted and I had small holes in the tips of my index fingers on both hands. I was examining the hole and held it up to the light and when I did so it looked ad if there were small tentacle looking things trying to reach for the light . When I moved it away from the light they would retract ever so slightly ( these were tiny and again white ) After this the skin on my hand slowly started to part and I was panicking but everyone around me was still and seemed as if what was happening to me was normal. As the skins fell away it exposed what should have been bones and muscle ect... but instead it was like my hands were made of small living white vines is what I would describe them as in the shape of a hand and hat the palm of where I made should have been was what looked like a white blossoming flower... again this appeared to be alive. After staring at my hands for a while what looked like skin started to regrow over the top of them but not in a normal skin colour ... kind of yellowish green colour. This is when the first words were said to me in the dream in which my mum said that this is going to sting. At that I felt that my hands started to tingle but then she said but it will be worse for your head. At that I woke up. I've not been able to really stop thinking about this dream since I had it and its still very clear in my head. Curious to know what this means and any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks

I'm in a bathroom. A woman is

I'm in a bathroom. A woman is naked in the bathtub, breasts exposed. Another girl is in the room talking to the one in the bathtub. They both are talking about me as if I'm not in the room.

I was hiding in a closet, I

I was hiding in a closet, I ran to it, to protect myself and my dog. I could hear the killer in the house. He found me, and I thought he would kill me right away so I did everything I could with words to tell him I would help him. I would help him do whatever he wanted to do. He then told me to follow him, and I did. He walks to the washroom of this house, and in the dream it feels as though this house is as familiar to me as my own. We walk there and I see a screwdriver on a counter. Before he realizes that I've found a weapon, I grab it, and stab it into his beefy back several times. He keeps staying alive for the first few stabs so I get to his neck and I could feel the bone through the screwdriver. He stops moving. He is dead. The other woman who almost got killed is saved because of this act. I walk to the bathroom and I am wearing a ballerina dress. My back is exposed. My back looks raw and bloody. I never knew I had this injury to my back because I felt no pain. There was a little girl also in a tutu, in the bathroom with me. A private bathroom with a mirror. I kept being ignored by a former classmate.

I stole money from my sons school.

I stole money from my sons school. Then involved my daughter and friend with hiding the money. I was led into a trap and exposed by my boyfriend from whom I am separating at the moment. My remorse and fear of shame for my son at school was intense.