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I had a dream that I told

I had a dream that I told my niece to write the types of love for me but she couldn’t do it because she’s still a child I angrily take her to her mom my sister and report her and leave my sister comes to me and my mom explaining that she didn’t do it because my niece didn’t know how to not because she didn’t want to I got angry and refused to forgive my niece and lied that she did the writing of love last year I then refuse to baby sit and caused chaos in the house my sister then goes to work but calls my mom to talk to me to please forgive and watch my niece I go out to an event expecting to catch my crush lying to me but when I got there he was telling the truth that he wasn’t there I then rush into love with a stranger get married and heart broken then my sister says don’t rush

I give birth to twins. The doctors

I give birth to twins. The doctors send me home without the babies. Soon doctors bring one baby and leave. I cry a lot because I want my secound baby, too. My family denies that I had twins. The Doctor comes back and tells me, I only had one child and wants to leave. My secoune baby is in the car. I run after the car, holding my single twin and cry. My family tries to stop me. They say I am crazy for thinking I gave birth to twins and they will take my baby away. I call them traitors and tell them that I will never forgive them and that I hate them. I never let go of my one twin, while running to the hospital to get my other baby. I do everything for my twins to come back together. Befor I wake up, I see the hospital papers, where I find both names of my twins and then I hold them both in my arms.

My lover telling me that he cheated

My lover telling me that he cheated and I felt felt hurt and rejected and didn’t want him touching me but still wanted to forgive him because I love him

Ok so I dreamed that my momhit

Ok so I dreamed that my momhit me, and blew up at me and she decided that she didn't want me anymore so she literally kicked me out of my house and abandoned me. She physically abused me, even emotionally. So I walked to my Nana's house and she said "why are u here? How'd u get here?" And I told her and she took me under her wing becoming my caretaker. Well a month later my mom needed to borrow money from my college funds so she said that she made a mistake and wanted me back and forgiveness, and I said no I'm not coming with u and she hit me then she went home later that night and killed her self