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I was driving up to the Grand

I was driving up to the Grand Canyon with my family. It is a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. I thought to myself, “what a wonderful day to go out on a family outing”. As we drive my family starts laughing and I wonder what is so funny and I looked down and I wasn’t wearing a single stitch of clothing. My face turned red and I felt embarrassed. I heard someone yelling at me as well. When I looked in the back of the car my vocal coach was there yelling at me saying “you are wrong, this is wrong!” we just kept driving along and suddenly the car turned into a giant pre-calc test with an “F” on it and it was chasing after me! I ran away from it saying “No, go away! I don’t want you!!” The test started leapt off the ground and began to fly hovering over me. Then it dove right into me and I was in the car again. I was scared and the day that had been so sunny and warm turned into a windy cold rainy day. As I watched the weather change I felt sad because it wouldn’t be as much fun going to the Grand Canyon in rainy, windy weather as it would be if it were sunny and warm. I looked I unbuckled my seat belt to talk to my mom in the passenger’s seat and neither of my parents were there, so there was no one driving the car! Absolute terror ran through my every vein. I felt my pulse racing and I went to grab the wheel but it was locked I watched as the car smashed right into a telephone pole. The car went up and came back down and flipped over, leaving me trapped under its debris. I screamed so loudly that my throat hurt but no one could hear me. I started to cry because I couldn’t find my family that had been in the car with me when we crashed. As best I could being in the trapped position that I was in I tried to find where my brothers had gone. There was no sight of them so I figured that they had been ejected from the car! I was shaking and screaming because I didn’t know what to do and no one could hear me. Just then a majestic white bird appeared next to me and said “its not your time yet”, then disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. I was confused, I didn’t know what the bird meant by that. Then I closed my eyes and I was back in the same vehicle that had just been in a gruesome car accident. We were at the top of the Grand Canyon now. I breathed a huge sigh of relief saying to myself“they are ok, thank god! I went over to the edge of the Canyon and stepped on a loose rock and fell over the edge. I reached out but no one grabbed me. I looked up and to the sky and saw a beautiful color blue. I hit the ground and say my family standing over my grave, crying and mourning

I dreamed that my mom was engaged

I dreamed that my mom was engaged and we were talking to her pregnant wedding planner how excited we were about the new additions to our family (meaning my mom's fiance's two teenage daughters and a baby). I got bored so I went to go play with our kittens. One was black and feisty, while the other was pure white, calm, and friendly. I was with my aunt, playing with the kittens, when a spaceship came up behind us and started chasing us. It was chasing us outside, like we were walking on the grand canyon, but to our right was a school and playground and parents/students. I threw a special rock at the spaceship and it blew up. My aunt and I got over to a tree and stood their with everybody else. I noticed my two kittens running away, I was very sad, but didn't chase after them because I knew that they wanted to be free. The next thing I remember is that I am walking up a covered wheelchair ramp to get to the football game with one of the hottest football players in school on my right arm. All the cheerleaders were gawking and getting pissed that he chose me over them. Then we found our seats at the top of the bleachers with some of his friends and we just talked.

The grand canyon was upside down, which

The grand canyon was upside down, which a huge cave in the earth. And there were glass pods that you got in and rode through the grand canyon. I got in one with a bunch of russian men. and they started throwing knives at me. Then i killed them all. There was one guy left and i didnt kill him. turns out, he was russian president. He started a war with the U.S. all because of me. Then everyone hated me.