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I was in prison for some reason

I was in prison for some reason but didn't think I deserved to be there. Outside the prison grounds were a lot like a school yard. There were two soccer fields, one small one normal sized with a track around it. They were on the left side of a clearing and above the small field was a jungle gym. I was put into the section for dangerous people because of a failed escape attempt (I think). The others and I made a plan to escape. The guards had this spray stuff that knocked you out if you breathed it in. Somehow I got a hold of some and used it to help get away. We took over a large orange and other coloured van and got away but only after I inhaled some of that spray. I was unconscious for two days according to the man I asked but everything had changed so much that it felt more like two years. In that time my friend found a new friend which made me feel lonely. For some reason, my brother, father and I were checking in on the cottage. Up in the loft we somehow transported to the edge of a city on a coast. Alone in the city, I was trying to use a pay phone. There was a long line and I pretended to know someone so I could cut in. The line seemed to disappear and I struggled to count out ten pennies which at first had stars instead of leaves on them. The guards showed up (about twelve) and an epic, manga or cartoon like battle occurred. I even thought that I was probably dreaming or imagining the battle because of how ridiculous it was so I decided to stop it. I was captured in the end and hooked up to a lie detector where I was uncooperative. A lady wearing a suit interrupted the interrogation for some reason. My perspective changed to a fly on the wall style. The same lady went to the dangerous people section and shot the guards with a pulse gun then shot the cell bars. She said for the men to come with her and with knowing grins they jumped right through the bars. The other men also attempted to do this but just hurt their shoulders. I somehow knew that this was part of a growing conspiracy. Strangely, at one point I was trying to jump on a moving train in my front entrance way. I knew there was actually no train so I pretended to jump on it and moved into the living room to take my seat in the box car.