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Don't judge but I had a dream

Don't judge but I had a dream I was the Virgin Mary and I was pregnant with Jesus but I wasn't with Joseph or in a desert or on a camel but there were camels every where and I was at my grandparents house and there was a man that looked like he was from isreal and there was a random sorce if water like a stream and I was dressed in Muslim clothing and screaming because I was going into labor

This dream isreally old. the dream took

This dream isreally old. the dream took place at night. it was einter time but extremly warm. I knew I was dreaming, but in my dream I was looking for my boyfriend Jason. it was so many ppl outside, I mean millions of ppl. they were having a party. they were dancing, joking, rapping and drinking. I remember over hearing agirl talking about a guy and thinking when I wake up to tell my boyfriend what she said. I was laughing but then I got worried. I had to find my boyfriend I pushed my way through these millions of ppl and I found him. I said Jason I want to go home. he said let's stay for a little while. iI heard loud noise coming f from the sky. I was scared and ask what is that noise. Jason said fireworks. I said it's winter time why are they even firing fireworks. Jason ask if we can stay again. then all of the sudden big balls of fire fell from the skies. before I truly panic I called myself saying Tina this is only a dream wake up, wake up. I couldn't I bowed my head and said it's real this time. I look a Jason and told him, I told you God was mad at us, but you wouldn't believe me. ppl started running screaming as the fire fell from the sky. the ground cracked up you see lava and ppl fellin the cracks. I stood there saying it's too late. jason was white inmy dream don't know why but he grabbed my hand and said come on. I pushed his hands and said run where you can't run from God. he left I stood there watching everyone scream and die. I notice the place It look like it use to be full of water and I notice a bridge that looked like the Manhattan bridge. while I'm there being observant and content with the fact I'm about to die. a woman grabs my hand and I wake up.