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Dreamed I went on a trip by

Dreamed I went on a trip by myself and kept losing things: my wallet, my luggage, my clothes. I would keep thinking I had everything and then leaving and then turning around when I was almost home. Everything got stolen out of my wallet at one point and I never had any idea where I was parked. I kept screaming and crying and my friends would try and help me but it was so frustrating because it would never end. Earlier I had a dream that dad was trying to get rid of "bee men" (men that look like bees or man-sized bees?) in the attic and kept asking me to open the door. That one was terrifying. I woke with a start at about 6 in the morning. And I kept waking up thinking I had lost something, thinking it was all real. I kept getting lost and I kept losing things and I couldn't escape whatever resort or theme park I was at, the location kept changing.