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I was walking in my parents garden.

I was walking in my parents garden. It was a long time a go, and we had a long garden and at the back, we grew our own vegetables and fruit. So I was walking around in the back when all of a sudden everything was on fire. So I ran to the house while chased by tigers who were half tiger, half fire. As soon as I came in I got a glass of milk and some cheese and somebody was knocking at the door. It was a Nazi from WW2 who wanted to put me in a concentration camp. So I escaped through a magical door in the basement and ended up in wonderland. I talked to the rabbit and the princess (I think the princess was the girl from the crazy kangaroo bar) and they gave me a magical potion which made me really smart. So I left wonderland, ended up in Japan where master Hirotashi (?) helped me making my own samurai sword. I practiced with that sword a little and took swimming with destination Australia. There I fought the Germans until all the pretty African girls were set free by me. But before i became the true hero, I got shot by a corpse. Before I died, Gemma Arteron, who was a vampire, bit me to save me from dying and gave me eternal life. Everyone was afraid of me after that happened which made me very sad and lonesome. So I waked into a cave to live a solitary life. The end of the cave ended up In a big hallroom full of sad creatures. And because I was the saddest, I became their king. And then a blonde girl without a face came to me and said: what are you doing? What are you doing? Go out, and find the hidden book of life.

I was in Paris with a friend

I was in Paris with a friend and we took a taxi to a few landmarks but ended up at a museum with Chinese statues and samurai statues. Then messages from my ex girlfriend were showing up on the facade of a wooden building. She told me she cheated on me since June 21. This is the day before my birthday. She apologized and said she was ready to make it better and would do so on Valentines Day. The building became to full with messages and she had to use the other side to post messages.