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I went out with friends to a

I went out with friends to a place kind of like a library and was taking photos. When a friend who works there showed us the old library. Then as it was late while leaving the door closed and got locked when one friend was inside. I rushed to tell her as she worked here and would have keys. I accompanied with her went back up to the room. We went to help a friend locked in a room and we saw he was chased by a snake. Then we saw that there were few more people in the room. While trying to get him out with the help of another friend I saw the big snake go to other corner where other people were hiding so we lured the snake to other direction but we accidentally let the big snake get out of room as well. We ran to different directions. But there were many small snakes on the way. When i was hiding from the big snake, watching if it coming a small snake was trying to curl on my hand I got it off my hand. It stood on its tail facing me and I woke up.

I discovered a cut hand in the

I discovered a cut hand in the bathtub of my mother‘s house. She said it was the gardener‘s hand that my father had accidentally cut

Me and my mom went somewhere on

Me and my mom went somewhere on bus I step out the bus to buy snacks at the time the bus cross the river suddenly and the bus losses it's control it makes accident but i ran after know bus got accident but i stopped in between after that inside the bus my mom was crying with some blood on her body she Got injured

I was in a road near beach,

I was in a road near beach, it was a rainy day but at the moment it wasn't raining, then I had a car crush and my car jumped in the water.I swam to the beach and then a lifeguard or something saw me and told me that it's impossible that I survived this accident and I must had die and woke up. I also felt like this happend. I was feeling like a hero but I wasn't feeling that the way I woke up was good

I was living in a house with

I was living in a house with a family. They had 3 sons. One day these boys got a toy gun for a present. Obviously as kids do , they started playing with it. One of the brothers pulled the trigger and it turned out that it wasn't a toy gun , but a real loaded gun. He shot his brother who died on the scene. Instead of throwing or selling the gun , the parents just hid it on the top of the wardrobe so the 2 sons wouldn't be able to reach it. But some time later one of the sons saw the gun sticking up from the top of the wardrobe and managed to get it down. He must've thought again that it was a toy because he started to play with it again. He pointed the trigger at himself and pulled. He too has died instantly. The parents and I were devastated because there used to be 3 boys but now there was only one. I remember then seeing the dad sitting on the couch crying and spinning the gun in his hands. I started screaming and telling him to put the gun down so that nothing bad happens. But he was too devastated to hear me. He accidentally pulled the trigger and shot the last son. The dream ended with me screaming over his dead body

First, I was driving on the phone

First, I was driving on the phone with my boyfriend then I got into a car accident. I tried to call my mom. I tried to call my dad, they didn't pick up. My boyfriend came and got me and I took my car to uncle's car shop. My cousin called and said she needed me to come get her so, I asked my boyfriend if it was play and he said yea. So, we went and got her and then we went to my aunt's house to see our little cousins. After awhile, it was late so we left. My boyfriend took me home and I was talking to my mom and explained all that happened and she said she would handle my car and told me "You should go with your boyfriend" so, I said okay and me and my cousin got back into his car. We went and dropped my cousin off and then went to his friends house where I met his friends, One girl seemed to have a problem with me and went to tell my boyfriend something then he got upset then, she came back to me being rude and I said I was ready to go. So, we left got to his house and went to sleep. The next morning he said his friends wanted to go to a pumpkin patch so we put on matching outfits then we left, while we were at the pumpkin patch the same rude girl kept flirting with him which I thought was disrespectful so, I told her I wanted to fight. Then we left the pumpkin patch and went somewhere where we could fight and we fought. The other girl stopped us and I looked at my boyfriends friend and his hair was dissappearing then he had the oxygen tubes in his nose and said "I have cancer" so I rushed and helped him to the car and was trying to get my boyfriend to come on but it was like he couldn't hear me. Then his friend with cancer started to drive the car himself so he could get to the hospital and I tried to stop him but it didn't work. Then everybody came over asking what happened and we all got in the car trying to follow him to the hospital but on our way we saw my boyfriend's car crashed in to a tree and I got out and ran to the car then I woke up

My g/f died in a car accident.

My g/f died in a car accident. Not my real-life g/f but a stranger, resembling someone whom I was involved with many years ago. I was driving my car in bumper-to-bumper traffic - it seemed to be in the U.s. (I am living in Thailand and engaged to a Thai woman) and traffic was moving very slowly. I saw my g/f come rushing towards me, from the front,all joyful and happy. I yelled at her, or wanted to yell at her, to get the F' in the car, out of the dangerous traffic. Then she was gone. Run down. I got out out my car and looked for her on my knees, desparately hoping she was alive and making a drama.

I was In my class with my

I was In my class with my 2 friends khushi with whom I am close and ritu who is a really good friend of mine.both my friends were sitting together and I was behind them and my crush was sitting in the row next to us then after an small eye contact he asked me to pass his pencil box to him I passed it to him and started to small conversation with him then me and my friends sat with him and his friends.my two friends with him and I was sitting with his friend we made a few jokes and then I heard ritu saying to khushi that my crush might like her as his hands were accidentally but constantly touching her saying how to convey it to me ...I just behaved like I didn't hear.

I went on a roadtrip with my

I went on a roadtrip with my old professor and some kids I never met before and I accidentally chocked one of them. After that I went with my current classmates in the center of our natal city and after this trip our teacher was so mad at us that she split the class in two. After I went home I had a party with my family and my mother was dead, and the party was right across my childhood home that has been in the family for generations but it was in a totally different place and painted pink