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i had a dream that someone stole

i had a dream that someone stole my debit card and keys they followed me in a beat up ambulance and i saw the amount of money they withdrew from the atm i called the police but they didnt respond because the criminals were emts i called companies that are hooked up to my debit card to put a freeze on my accounts but none of them were able to help me then my mom showed up and i told her everything at one point my best friend was there with me but he had to go and left i was also worried about getting the second set of car keys to take my car home

A blond girl who goes to my

A blond girl who goes to my church handed me a notebook wich looked a lot like one of my friends notebooks. My friend always keeps this notebook very secret. The girl from my church told me to keep the notebook because somebody kept on sending her death threats through it. I still had it in my hands when i was walking to school but then i accedentily dropped it inside a sewer full of notebooks and yoyos while i was walking to school and didn't realize that i had dropped it untill i had gotten to school. So i had to skip gym class to go back and get it. There were indeed death threats in that notebook. The person then started sending death threats to me and my other friend torri, and hacked my ipod to and started sending me death threats through it. Me and torri then tried to investagate and figure out who was sending us the threats. We got so caught up in investigating we almost forgot that both of our lives were probably in danger. When we were both at a smoothie shop were we knew the person who was sending the death threats was in at that time, we remembered thatour lives were in danger and got scared and decided to quit investigating. I also had a friend in my neighborhood who looked a lot like the undertaker from an anime show i watch. I would hang out at his house and listen to belle and sebastian and drink milk. Then one summer day (i was still getting the death threats then, but torri wasn't) i was riding my bike . Then i accedently ran into a parked car near the undertakers house. He (the undertaker) was outside watching me. When i ran into the parked car he started to laugh. Then a sudden realization hit me. I asked him if he was the one sending me the death threats and hacking my ipod. He said he was. Then my friend tristan randomly appeared out of no where with his computer and the undertaker demonstrated on one of his video game accounts how he hacked my ipod. He had a program that could hack anything with a four letter password. He hacked tristans account. His password was "LINK". Then i ran home to my boyfriend who looked like Marylin Manson and told him all about the undertaker and the death threats. Then my boyfriend had a long talk with the undertaker, and eventually convinced him what he did was wrong and got him to say sorry to me. Undertaker felt really bad about everything, so bad that he got the entire story tattoed on his back. Then one day when my boyfriend was out volunteering at a hospital he called the undertaker and told him that i had been mauled by chainsaws in the garage. I was ,in fact, mauled by chainsaws in the garage. The undertaker was really sad and had to change the tattoo on his back. He had to cross out the "and they lived happily ever after" part of his tattoo and replace it with " and then she died"