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I was sorting cloths for a play,

I was sorting cloths for a play, and everybody left me there to finish-said they had to finish something.i had to pick I one of my friends after from an address. On the way there I spoted a big party, after looking closely I realized that it was everyone in my friend group, and lots of boys. They looked at me as I walked by and looked sorry for me seeing them. I went inside to ick up one of my friends and they were wondering why I was there, I responded that I needed to pick up lily. I couldn’t believe they had a party and purposefully didn’t invite me. I was devastated. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Went to many gas stations, but at

Went to many gas stations, but at one, while the van was parked, I found a small kitten. At first, I didn't realize it had a collar on it. But when I did, after we pulled out of the gas station, I took it off, only to see another collar, with an address to the kittens home. My brother was going off about how he wanted a pug, but mother kept saying it was not gonna work out. On the way home, we were driving over a bridge, which began to split to allow a boat to pass under. The van didn't make it in time and began to fall, all was silent in the van, and I could hear the turning of the wheels in the thin air


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