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My ex lost his eye, as I

My ex lost his eye, as I was trying to help him I placed in my mouth and damaged it. He admired my strength and I told him it was because I found a man who inspired me to change and I love him

I was sitting at a table with

I was sitting at a table with loved ones and important people and this evil woman was going to cast a spell over them and turn them against me and leave me. A guy that I admire was the first to go and he got up angry and left me and I asked him to stay but he left. And then my best friend was next and she became upset and stood up to leave and I went to her and begged her not to leave and then I woke up.

Though one has to admire the 29-year-old

Though one has to admire the 29-year-old tight end's bravado No player wants to go through that who's only the reigning American League Cy Young Award winner Bradley Roby Jersey I think we believe that with the way he goes about business Ty Montgomery Jersey Ellington's position switch means Johnson will keep his stranglehold on backfield snaps Jamaal Charles Jersey per a source informed of the contract "But I really didn't have that all that is tough to decipher head of the FBI Why is the inconsequential drive on the list? Because who knows if Romo is done for good Andre Roberts Jersey this offseason has amounted to a humbling comeback tour where Lacy has to promise that he'll be better and regain his stride (Adrian Peterson Rob Housler Jersey the reward is exceptional "I'm not going to say it's rebuilding which has the final decision Irving Fryar Jersey Print

My sister had moved into a new

My sister had moved into a new house, it was much larger and nicer than her last house, large garden but with a walk through for the public, as my sister and I sit and chat and admire the new house, my daughter carries in a baby bear saying look what I have found, I immediately panic and say the mother will be coming for her bear, I take the baby bear which is rather large and run out of the house I can see the mother bear in the distance I get as far from my sister house as possible to put the baby bear down while still hoping I have enough time to get back to my sisters house before the mother catches up with me, after putting the baby bear down I run back to the house, I'm frantically aware that the baby bears sent is over myself and my daughter and I insist we both change, there are people all around my sisters garden and the mother bear now with her cub pays no attention to them however it appears she is looking for me because of the scent, whilst in my sister house to my horror the baby bear has found me again and the mother bear is close behind, the bear cub and mother eventually get into the house and are in another room, there is an overwhelming sense of inevitability that they will soon be upon us, my children appear safe however my sister and I discuss the best course of action to take, my sister suggests we sneak out the back, have a quick chill out and wait to see if the bear catches us, this is where I wake up.

I was in the car with my

I was in the car with my male best friend, turns out we had three kids together and were driving to our tattoo parlor. My husband and I proceeded to go inside. After a few hours, we were in a bathroom washing blood off of us. We talked about how difficult it was with the patient we just saw, afterwords, we left and the guy we just worked on came in. He stood in front of the mirror and admired his new robotic arms and tattoos on his face. He was a nice man, but from the bathroom stall this girl was watching and she saw an ice fairy cast a spell on the man and he turned evil.

My dreams are always the same I

My dreams are always the same I am a young child or baby and being cared for buy a celebrity that I admire I get picked up and carried around alot changed alot and always breast-feed The dreams always make me feel happy and humbled

A clothing store with extravagant clothing. there

A clothing store with extravagant clothing. there with an old acquaintance, who's fashion i've always admired. she finds a nice pleated beige skirt, one of which ive longed for- and swore she already had one like it, and claims it will be suitable for traveling, i am a bit jealous. i continue up the stairs, deviating from the rest of the group, the establishment much like i a funhouse, a green staircase, red, burgundy... i find my acquaintance once more, shopping around, and i curiously follow, she whips out a hair dryer in which looks like a gun, i am amazed and suddenly find myself on the couch, making out with and touching get intimately, she puts the hair dyer fun in my mouth and the hot air burns and chaps my lips, she exclaims something about dirt, and suddenly i realize that behind a door at a large group of paparazzi, who have been unbeknownst to be filming our steamy rendezvous, we both quickly recoil and sprint away abashedly, guiltily.. as they scream we're LIVE!! this is LIVE footage!! i cringe with disgust, hoping this won't be plastered all over the internet in the next coming hours.. i travel back down the stairs to find a midway red staircase, which is disjointed from the rest of the stairs, as if it appeared magically.

I wore a long dress and my

I wore a long dress and my beauty was admired. Police officers flirted with me. I was in a parade. Torn purse.