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My friend with cancer came from her

My friend with cancer came from her home town down to Florida and we all went to Universal. While we were there, a hurricane hit and all the buildings got destroyed and everyone except me, my mom, and my grandma and sister died. We got super upset because my other sister and friends and family were all gone, so we went home to plan a funeral and our house was destroyed. All our pets except for 4 were dead. This was too much to handle so we moved to Tennessee into a house with an Olympic swimming pool, where the realtor lived in the second house on the property and got mad at me when i stole her wine. We adopted a calico bunny and named it Peachy after my friend.

I live with a woman. who apparently

I live with a woman. who apparently is my mother where I have to take care of the monsters and insane people downstairs by slaughtering them(every day things a closer and closer to killing me). I get a visit from my oldest brother which do not have the same family in the dream. I give him a code for some child film for his newborn daughter. I manage after some while to get adopted from the family which also have adopted my little brother. My old mom doesn't allow that and send a man after us to prevent me from escaping. after an intense car chase my father get brutally murdered, where we are at nighttime at a abandoned trailer and the man tries to take the keys, but I make kick my dead father out on top of him and drives away with my littlebrother in the back. We try to get to a save space without being noticed. All of a sudden we're on a train towards hambourg but I notice the man and someone else enter the coupe, where we hide underneath the seats