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I ran into my boyfriend while I

I ran into my boyfriend while I was at some court house and he was on an excursion at the same place for school (even though he finished school last year). I went to kiss him and he stopped me, claiming he was trying to act single in front of another girl, Jaimee because she's hot and he didn't want her to see. I said okay. Earlier that day in my dream, I had texted him to ask if he could drop me hpme because I had no way home but he didn't reply. So I askes him about it and he said he couldn't because he was dropping jaimee home and wanted to be alone with her, and again I just said okay. I walked to the station, caught a train and then walked home in the rain. Later that night I called him and he didn'y answer, so I called.him again and he picked up saying 'what do you want?' I asked him if iyt was a bad time and he said yes, jaimee was still over and staying for the night. He doesn't even know a Jaimee in real life, the girl I imagined doesn't exist