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I was watching a TV soap and

I was watching a TV soap and Harry Styles was in it as a tradesman and it was like a busy village square doing a really dramatic build up to a bomb going off. So someone plants the bomb behind harry styles' van and then there were loads of "clips" of like the ppl in the square going about their business and people meeting up and stuff building the tension as a soap does. Then harry styled gets in his van and starts the engine.. and manages to drive off. So he drives about 5 streetd away and parks and meets a friend and is complaining about work and says something like "honestly i wish theyd just blow up" then then the explosion happens and debris and smoke flies jnto the air and Harry styles, who by now i have realised is a hero character, is like I MUST GO, his friend tries to stop him like "no youll die dont go" but he wrestles away... and suddenly is wearing one of those blow up t-rex costumes. And he gets on a skateboard and starts skating back to the scene to help ppl

I had this weird dream of meeting

I had this weird dream of meeting this girl with silver hair and for some reason having a feeling like I knew her from a childhood past but can't remember

I was helping take care of an

I was helping take care of an ill dog. It wouldn’t let me leave it’s side. It was a small & hairless dog. My three Rottweilers that I own were all in my room. My one dog that I own starts walking backwards. I get a tik tok saying watch this video to find out more. I closed the door & I ended up cutting it up & the next thing I know I’m outside with the same tik tok creator but a different video. I tried texting my mom saying we need to get out but I woke up.

Had a dream late night. My late

Had a dream late night. My late father came to me in school and said something about food and gave some. Then later again I slept off and while in school he brought a whole wheel barrow full with food stuff that himself and My late mother went to the market and bought the food and he brought it to me. Then I asked him how do they even managed to carry the food in the wheel barrow up stairs to bring it to my room and he laugh. So I off loaded all the food in my room and the wheelbarrow man and my late father left.