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As a young child I used to

As a young child I used to have dreams and nightmares a lot and have recently been thinking about them. There was this man that would often appear in my dreams. He would not have a place in the dream but just suddenly appear. He had shoulder length greasy brown hair and a scraggly brown beard probably a couple of inches long. He would show up and stare at me and I would feel so afraid I cannot explain, just had to get away from him. He would stare right in my eyes and the fear would be unbearable. I remember at least once a piece of his long hair would stand up like alfalfa. I felt like he was very evil. He would just randomly show up in dreams staring at me and I would run away and would wake up right after. It is very strange, what could this mean?

me and my housemate were working in

me and my housemate were working in a shop in an old town somewhere in eastern europe, possibly in Croatia. There was a wooden staircase that took us upstairs from the shop to our house where we lived. The house was a more compressed version of the house we share at the minute. From the house you could look out a window and see an old church high up on a hill, where ancient nuns lived. Lots of boys turned up at our house scared and seeking refuge, becuase the nuns hated males and were trying to rid the town of all men and our shop used to sell ancient magical ingredients and so it could protect the boys from the nuns. Being girls they did not notice me and friend Alfa's presence so went went up to the church to see what they did, and it turns out they would throw the boys into a well and cover them with sand. But when we got back to our house we found it was filled with males and it had gotten totally crazy, so i ran to the kitchen to get a knife to try and threaten people to leave. I was screaming and pushing them, but then I saw my friend Han and told him he could stay. Then a girl came and tried to fight me for the knife so that her boyfriend would be able to stay.