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was in a ravine by a stream,

was in a ravine by a stream, it seemed i was hiding from or i didnt want anyone to see me there was houses at the top of ravine they were three story homes, i had a red back pack with me and i smoked a cigarette looked at the water in the stream it was clear ity was clean, then all sudden there was a man on other side of river talking to a woman who was on the same side as I The next thing i know im in one of the three story houseat very long dining room table i had unpacked my back pack on the table n put it all back in the pack. the man and woman were at the table im not sure what was said but it upset me and i ran upstairs

I was at the softball field in

I was at the softball field in Holland, watching a game of my best friend playing with my old team. They were all suddenly looking at me, like I changed completely. I walked away because it started to feel uncomfortable and saw my boyfriend talking to my sister. They were laughing. I asked my boyfriend to leave because I said that I missed him and missed to spend time alone with him. He drove me home and I walked immediately upstairs where I started to dance on the mattress. I danced like a fool and was trying to impress my boyfriend's cat.