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I got on this bus hoping to

I got on this bus hoping to see a particular someone. He wasn't on it but I felt it would be on his path. Sure enough he was running by, then popped his head in the bus to see me. I followed him to this place that had a list of stuff on it (not sure what). There were too girls that appeared jelous, they didn't seem very nice when they saw us together. Next we were sitting in this building that had a bunch of rows of chairs and people sitting in each. I felt these two older ladies in from of us were not happy, like they didn't agree with us sitting together. But this particular person kept kissing me on my forehead, face, and arms. It was as though he could care less. Next is the weird part. I arrived at this big house that was empty. It had many rooms, but most were empty. One had a bed in it. Then this particular person asked if I would like to see his room. I said I already did and assumed it was this room with the bed in it (nothing but a bed), but he lead to the bathroom and a hidden door. When I went inside, it had tons of stuff in it. It was a bit messy, but still very nice. I noticed a list on his mirror that had two lists of people: girls who get easily offended and girls who don't. The list for the girls who don't easily get offended was very short. But this particular person was very playful and fun. Not sexually, just as a person in general. Then I woke up. I know who this person is, just don't want to say their name. :)

I had a dream I was hiding

I had a dream I was hiding in Ryan's( my ex who I have been speaking to recently "friendly and peacefully"; although he knows I want more) house in some kind of shack. It was dark room with a floor made of dirt. It felt kind of like a barn. In it from the ceiling was this big brown jar looking thinking. I couldn't make out what it was. When I peeked from the door an saw his feet dangling off the couch I saw an opportunity to surprise him so I jumped out and before I even jumped on him he looked startled but I ended up jumping on the couch next to him instead. I changed my mind mid flight. I got the sense that he know I was hiding in that weird shack with the honey. surprisingly he wasn't mad (he would have been furious in real life). He said something about hiding in the shack with the honey bees. I didn't see any honey bees but thats when I knew that jar was honey. In another room there was his fathers/mother salon. (His father and mother split up when he was 5 and neither of them own a salon) But before that he said he had to go the bathroom and get ready to change for something. He left the door open and got undressed to show me these blue kiddy underwear he was wearing (as a joke) I saw that as my opportunity to grab his dick. As I was holding on to him about to get all sexual (he seemed unaware that I wanted him sexually) I turned to see a woman sitting in the bathroom/salon. She didn't seemed startled by my inappropriate behavior in front of her but I was so I let go. She was waiting for someone to cut her hair wet already washed hair. So I wen to cut her hair. I cut it really short she really disliked it. But when I finished it was longer again as she tried to fix it in the mirror. It was nicer. His father came down as if he was the one who was about to do this woman's hair to realize I already did it. Thats all I remember.