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I dreamed I was in a funeral

I dreamed I was in a funeral home with many people my dog was there also. A squirrel came and attacked my dog as many times as I tried to push it away it came back, it killed my dog. I kept screaming my dog is dead but no one paid attention not even my husband. Then my brother was murdered in this funeral home I was just around and around to have someone help me find who did this, finally I believed when I met the funeral director that was the man who was going to help me. also I seen two ducks a male and female coming out of a hole and following them at least a hundred baby ducks, the male and female mom and dad were very affectionate towards each other, but also worried the squirrel would come back and kill them, it sounded like I was trying to get help from others but to no avail

Me and my deceased grandma was at

Me and my deceased grandma was at my aunt old house. We were and a small bedroom I wanted the big bedroom it was nice but had a lot of paper boxes and picture frames. I found a couple of gold earrings that I gave to my sister.I was cleaning the room thenI went into the kitchen there was plastic insect on the ceiling somebody went to go touch it and I said no something is moving it was cockroaches so I said let's get the insect repellent and kill them they try to escape so we close the door and put a sheet underneath it so they went out the window boot from xscape underneath the door

i was talking to a demon like

i was talking to a demon like a normal conversation, demon possessed a white red haired female and it made her stronger and she couldn't control the demon then the demon possessed me because I wanted the strength but then I started getting angry at people and I would run at them and kill them but couldn't see it happen then everything was black and I was inside a school bus with my girlfriend she was sitting diagonally from me and was asking what was wrong I responded in another language and was growling because the demon was getting angry, then I got control enough to tell her to stop that she was making the demon angry and she stopped and started crying then woke up and my girlfriend said I was shaking and talking in my sleep saying I was cold but I was also sweating

This is a reoccurring dream. I

This is a reoccurring dream. I am at an amusement park but there is only one ride. The ride is a combination of a roller coaster and a water slide. The ride is located on a long, windy road near Atkins Farm in Amherst. I can tell exactly where the park is located (at the huge gravel mill) but I have never been there before. I am about to go on this ride but something stops me every time. Once the ride gets going I look up and all the people I care about the most are on the ride, my friends, my family etc. Then out of nowhere this huge octopus comes on to the ride. It is going to eat everyone whole and kill them right in front of me. Everyone else at the park is trying to stop the ride and get the octopus out of there but the only people who know how to save everyone are me and my boyfriend, who is a different person every time I have the dream and every time I have NO clue who he is. I get on to the ride to try and save my friends and family but the octopus starts attacking me. My boyfriend saves me but the dream always ends before I know what the fate of my loved ones is.

I visited an unknown friends house where

I visited an unknown friends house where she lives with her mother. They had a very big spacious house but the mother kept complaining about not having enough rooms in the house to accommodate all her children, i therefore suggested she divides up her large rooms. We took a walk outside the house with another friend and found very healthy green vegetables and i started picking seeds from them to go and plant at my own house but i pulled out one bunch of vegetables and it had worms under it which gripped both my feet, i pulled my feet out but some remained stuck to my leg because they had gotten into my skin. I asked the girl i was with to assist me pull them out but they pushed themselves completely under my skin, so we started pressing the areas where they had entered to smash and kill them, them i realized that one had already reached inside my left palm and i was so scared that it was going to reach my heart and might kill me. then i woke up


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