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I awoke in a land far far

I awoke in a land far far away, where their was giant Angels fighting against demons, while an ice cream truck was driving past. Then an earthquake hit cause the ice cream to spill out and freeze the earth. Now I'm in the movie the Ice Age and I'm riding a mammoth with a sloth named Sid. I then meat a saber tooth tiger named Diego and we jump into a portal that leads to Mars. I'm not having brunch with George Clonny, Donald Trump, and Kanye West. Then I'm at the beach swimming with Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. But then Jaws comes out of nowhere and eats the other people swimming. I grab everyone and make it back to shore where I am greeted by dancing bacon lead by Kevin Bacon. But I'm then entered into a kung fu tournament and I fight Po for the crown as King of the Thespians.