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Hamsters ready in lubricated tubes. The congregation

Hamsters ready in lubricated tubes. The congregation bent over and spread. Just as the priest is ready to begin the ceremony we are raided by PETA and everyone runs with their pants around ankles. Hamsters loose underfoot. Really scary.

I saw an old man with long

I saw an old man with long white hair and a long white beard in the clouds of the sky ,at 1st I thought he was a prophet/deciple but then felt he was a wizard he had a mischevious look in his eyes and was looking down at me ,below his cloud was a small brook and a little trinkeling waterfall he guesterd at the brook and then moistened with his hand for me to go into this water ,I said I cannot get up there ,I dont fly ,and he stepped away I waited to see if he returned which he did and had 2 more men with him hhe and 1 of the men ,each held a bucket the other had a scroll and an inkpen,the man tipped his bucket and poured water into the brook and it suddenly turned into a ocean of water and the waterfall became a large rushing waterfall that spilled into the ocean,it was at this point I heard a couple of people gasp and a little kids voice say look we are standing in water ,whered it come from,i looked down at my feet and the water was past my ankles.i looked back up and was pointing upward so the people would see what was up there then the 2nd man with the pail tipped his bucket and also poured it into the ocean which rose even higher and the waves were huge the current was flowing as if a a wild blowing wind of a storm was causing it to become a raging one ,I waved both my arms up to the men and Hollard stop ,god promised no moreflooding the earth the man laughed and said something to the other two men ,the man with the scroll and pen wrote something and as soon as he lifted the scroll up and out the words leaped into the sky and spelled swim ,I shook my head no and said I dont know how to swim the man shrugged his shoulders and tipped his bucket and poured it out again and now the water was up past my waist ,the little kid grabbed ahold of me with a terrified look on his face he went under the water ,as it was up higher than he stood ,I pulled on him and and upward and he came up to the surface ,I quickly pulled him to me and he got up onto my shoulders I heard someone scream stop what are you doing up there ,this isnt funny ,and who are you the man just pointed at us laughing the mann with the scroll wrote again and it said learn to swim ,pray for mercey,or drowned its your choice I was now panicing and out of the corner of my eye ,behind me stood a large tall hill and the mand tipped his bucket to pour out into the water ,I began running up the hill with the boy on my shoulders ,when I got to the top and looked up the ocean became a gigantic waterfall pouring down onto the earth and where we had stood down there,was an ocean raging as id seen it doing in the sky again I screamed stop ,in gods name I demand you to get behind thee ,now and wait for him to judge you but there was only the man with the scroll standing up there then I saw the other 2 men return carrying fishing poles when one of them handed him a pole he dropped the scroll and as it decended downward a lighting bolt flashed and it caught on fire the 3 men casted their lines down into the raging water and it continued to rise ,and I woke up

It's not known where Manziel's meeting will

It's not known where Manziel's meeting will take place, but Pettine said the league will advise the Browns of its plans. The case marks the second time in Chad Williams Jersey a year that an NBA owner's mental capacity has been publicly questioned. After former Clippers owner Donald Sterling's disparaging remarks about blacks became public last Lebron Shoes Free Shipping year, his wife had him removed from the family trust that owned the team, which was later sold, because of questions about his mental competence. O'Brien was asked why he was staying with Mallett since Hoyer was more effective on Sunday. While he was out, C.J. Anderson broke off a 28-yard run to make it 24-10. Bowles said rookie wide receiver Devin Smith tweaked an ankle during practice and was limited.

I walk to the public pool. I

I walk to the public pool. I go to swim, but it's a pool of souls that have died by being dragged to the bottom. The rule is, you can't touch the souls or they will drag you down and your soul will be added to the mix. I get into the pool and I accidentally touch a soul, they grip onto my ankle and I reach up to ask my dad for help, he's just out of reach and I get dragged down, I wake up right before I die.

I was with other men (maybe 2)

I was with other men (maybe 2) and we had a coloured venomous snake to help us get or take something precious. However the shake placed or hid the precious item somewhere and would not tall us. Our leader was confident that he could relate to the snake and retrieve the information. I warned the leader against such action however he insisted. I got the other team/gang members to leave the room with me because I was fearful to approaching the piousness snake to press it for the information. The leader reached into the snakes eye trying to union with the snake. I did not see what happened but I knew that the leader was bitter (I got an image of the bite mark on the ankle), I knew the leader to have died but I also got an insight that he did not die.

I was being a dumb ass some

I was being a dumb ass some cute light skin i guess i was in California saw me and got my attention so he drove everywhere buying me anything i ask for then he was rolling me back to his crib i thought he was takin me home ... so his cousin rode pass and saw i was in the car and he said she not ypur girl .. then i was like im just a friend the he ask me what 17 year old do then from there we still in the car dude cousin pulls out a knife and try to threatening me so im a ole g not ahow i was scared so then the pretty light skin that was buying me things pulled out a box cutter and start flashing it in my face ... then i got out the car i ran finally i pick up a sharp object idk if it was Bc we was in the hot cailfornia heat i couldnt run as fast then i shook shook broke ankles try drive off in the car then the car stop .. after that they both was chasing me then i woke up

Had a dream that my boyfriends ex

Had a dream that my boyfriends ex was at his grandmothers house and she had a broken ankle and uostairs my man was there laying down he to had a broken ankle

I was walking and a man in

I was walking and a man in a taxi tried to give me a lift and started chasing me so I tried to run to my nana's for safety but he had a cow with him to stop me from running away which kept biting my ankles

I pull up in front of a

I pull up in front of a house and tell my dog and daughter to stay in the car I have to deliver something to a house and when I walk in the door there are people in the rooms but they are not recognizable and they are spread out. Then someone tells me to write my phone number on the wall and he points behind me. I turn around and it looks to me like a giant chalk board with all kinds of numbers on it. For some reason I become very uncomfortable and want to leave, as I'm walking to the door, I'm suddenly outside and my car is driving off. I chase after it and I see my dog running after it too, then I see my daughter and she tells me run mom, he's coming. I turn around and someone is running towards me, I start running up a hill and it begins to rain and I'm having a hard time trying to catch my footing going up hill. As I get to the top of the hill the person chasing me grabs my ankle and I fall and turn around to push the person away and he lets go and he is clawing at the mud and I shove the person head down in the mud, then I wake up.