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In my dream my girlfriend and her

In my dream my girlfriend and her besties were in some apartment and suddenly there were some paranormal activity corks knives were levitating amd trying to hurt my girlfriend. Then all of a sudden my gf and her bestie were in my house so i try to figure out same thing happmeing like everything levitating the ghost tries to contact her so she taken out her mobile and went to notes app so the ghost now trying its name. So my girl firend reacts with smile.and said oh its you.. you are the last thing i even wanted to see.. and i asked another secret story ah? Then dream stops.

A gold, sparkling angel invited me to

A gold, sparkling angel invited me to shed my skin and we embraced in the sky. My skin became like sparkling gold when I shed my skin. There were wings and we were sparkling. The angel spoke another language which I understood to mean for the good of all and we both understood. My tears made me sparkle even more and the angel commented that every tear is noticed.