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I was standing on bus stand on

I was standing on bus stand on revealing black outfit and i saw a strange men who dressed up decently grabbed my hand and forced me to go in a room attached with kitchen another men was standing on a kitchen seeing he grabbed me he see me and said one who grab my hand was a conductor and he is rich and bad guy he used to rape girls after hearing that i try to escape and he give me bunch of bangles and tell me to throw one of the bangle if it broke he do whatever he want to do with me if it not broke i can leave so i choose a thick Bangle so it not broke unfortunately thick bangle broke and he suddenly kissed my lips and lick my tongue and he touched my personal body part and my dream end

I was in my old primary school

I was in my old primary school and surprisingly it wasn’t a primary school anymore. I saw alot of grown people in there and I saw someone I didn’t expect to see. I saw someone i use to like alot. Then i tried hugging him but he acted so agressive towards me. Zach would hit me and scrape me until i was bleeding. Its not like him to do these things but he did. On the final hit i blacked out. I woke up to a nurse saying congratulations on having a baby girl. There were no scratches or hit marks on me. Zach stood there in many emotions but mainly shocked and happy. i had another dream a few days later that the baby was now a toddler. her name is daniqua in the dream. except the weird thing was i didnt see zach.

I dreamt that my boyfriend's friend and

I dreamt that my boyfriend's friend and I were cuddling and making out. I kept asking if this was okay. My boyfriend pinky promised it was yet i still felt uneasy. I could feel his friend's touch like it was reality. The dream shifted to me, his friend and another girl where he watched us make out

In my dream I was in a

In my dream I was in a hotel walking through stair case there I found cinema Hera Vijay, I wanted to take picture with him but I kept my phone in room, so I asked him to take photo with his phone, he asked where is mine, I said then he said go and take and come I will wait, so I went to search my phone, I was trying to open wrong room number, I forgot my room, then my daughter came opposite then I said everything to her, vijay is standing there to take pic with us, so find our room and bring our phone, she went inside a door then she didnt come back, that door led to another stair case. She got losed, then I went to vijay that my daughter got lost