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I was driving down the 80 freeway

I was driving down the 80 freeway on a sunny day in between roseville ca and antelope exit in the fast lane crying my eyes out because my husband had died. I don't know how he died but i knew he was dead. I even remember the color of the interior of the car I was in it was tan. The next thing I remember I was in a parking lot sitting in the passenger seat talk to me sister through the window when my car keys lift up from the cup holder in the center console and my husband appeared he says "I'm going to take you home now honey" I look and my sister and said "I have to go now" and we say good bye. While in the car on our way home my husband and I laughed and talked. When we got home we stayed in the back yard just talking and enjoying each other. Once the sun was going down we went inside and I was on the couch he was across the room just looking at me. He then proceeds to tell he needs to go back and I started crying begging him to not leave me and that I cannot raise our child on my own and that I needed him. He said to me you will be ok. I begged some more him to not leave then tells me he wasn't suppose to come back and the God has job for him and must leave. Then the next thing he was gone and I was alone again!