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I wind up walking down a road

I wind up walking down a road with a man and a woman on my left and right. We're outside but on the bend of the road on the left side is like a dissected house. In the dissected house is a black silhouette of what is my child and I know it's my child. He comes into clear vision still on top of the dresser and says something. He has pale flesh, black hair, and black eyes. From there I grab him and than begin gouging his eyes out with both thumbs pressing into his eye sockets. Next I remember wrapping my hands around his ankles and I was going to slam his body against the ground to try and kill him for he was an evil child, almost like the antichrist. Before I could slam him into the road he screamed "give me back my eyes, give me back my ears!" and popped up with my hands still around his ankles and finished the dream off with going after my throat.