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JK Rowling made a new game with

JK Rowling made a new game with two stories: Voldemort was working to get something done, and his apprentice was also working to help them in their own time; the apprentice was able to be customizable. It's possible part of the setting took place in Hawaii, and the apprentice was able to rollerskate. While I was playing, my parents came in and wanted to watch. As they did so, they asked me questions; at one point, I turned to answer them and they had suddenly become old and gray.

I’m working in a solicitors as an

I’m working in a solicitors as an apprentice, when my boss sends me for coffee. I go to the cafe but on the way meet people I dislike as I turn to face them, a hand rests on my waist I turn to see my boss next to me, eyes soft but then turn steely, his gase makes the girls gasp and stare as he escorts me to the cafe, as we sit, 11 other gorgeous men and Cupid, sit at the table were at, I turn to ask why my boss was following me but he smiles and replies I’m an angel, the others murmur and individually say the same, there all gorgeous but personalities range from strong and dominant to weak and submissive, then flowers appear all over the cafe and I’m back in the law office also filled with flowers, and the news my boss is an angel doesn’t shock me I’m just instantly attracted, passion and desire arises and I have a romance with him, including sex, the other 11 angels gaurd and watch me under my bosses gaurd and gradually become my friends. Could someone please interpret and also always in my dreams my dog hurcules is always by my side as well as a wolf, normally in my dreams about men both my dog and the wolf growl but with the angels they were playful and joyful