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Marlene an old childhood friend came to

Marlene an old childhood friend came to visit. For some reason though, I was ignored by all of them, even Marlene who came to visit me. At some point my parents had to kill about four people, so they did. And I was just standing around going "Do I call the police or?" - Marlene took me out to the woods while my parents where digging graves and we found a huge hole in the ground. We went down it to discover stairs and a animalish family (I think they were rats? wut) We went back up and that was when I had to go to my old school for some graduation thing, I went there but was still ignored by everyone and I was still wondering wether I should call the police. I tried talking to some of the people but I was scoffed at mostly so I sat on the staircase waiting for the whole graduation thing to begin, an elderly overweight woman looked at me and began singing a familiar tune while is walked away. I got up and went to the graduation, sat at one of the tables alone, like people where three seats away from me from all angles.