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I was at school and was talking

I was at school and was talking to Jason and he and I were hanging out and were about as close as we used to be and I was leaning against him and laying on him and he asked me about who I like and I didn’t answer him. I sat up and laid my head on his shoulder. He kept asking and I got tired of it and just pretty much yelled at him “You! Jason! I like you!” and then I got embarrassed and hid my face in my hair and pulled my knees up to my chest and said “Im sorry Jason. I know you have a girlfriend and all and im sorry I like you. You and Kelli-Jo are an amazing couple. Im sorry…” and he interrupted me and said “Katie. Everyone knows that KJ and i arent together. She and I are just friends. She was helping me make the person I like jealous.” So I just looked at him and said “Who do you like?” And he said “You. Katie. You.” And I just say “Yeah right. No you dont, Jason. No one does.” And he said “Katie. No. Look at me.” So I looked up at him and he pulled me to him and hugged me. And he said “Katie. Look at me. Listen ok. People do like you. I like you.” And then he leaned his head down and kissed me. And when we pulled away for air he said “Katie, I do like you. And I mean it. I. Like. You.” And then he kissed me again and then we were interrupted by John Emerson and Carson Lyerly.

A massive bird shadow flew over our

A massive bird shadow flew over our car The car got dark I was a child in the backseat with my mom and dad and it was a desolate long desert road

There was a brown and black dog

There was a brown and black dog in a yard and when I passed the gate it became aggressive and wanted to open the gate but when I moved back it became calm

I had a dream that my horses

I had a dream that my horses that have passed away were not given stables at the livery yard and had to stay outside I tried to call the owner on my phone but it did not work I was with my ex boyfriend and used his phone and when I came back he had been going through my phone and called my present boyfriend 34 times he didn't say that he had then I was in my parents garden and they had lots of beautiful plants which were stunning

Before the Gillian obsession came on….. One

Before the Gillian obsession came on….. One of my childhood idols had died and I saw her with a lot of my obsessions I recall them all in a room each holding envelopes with letters each offering what they had or have given me. The one who had just died had to give her envelope to someone before she could exit my life. There was some sort of block infront of her so I didn’t know who she passed it to…..turns out it was Gillian

I dreamt that I was caught off

I dreamt that I was caught off by some terrorist, as I was afraid that they could rape me, they held me hostage and in the dream I was menstruating so the captain removed my pad and kept it aside used his fingers to remove menses from my vagina and lick. After that he released me and I saw some of my classmates coming to the camp and feeling very free with the terrorist