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I am in sixth grade and one

I am in sixth grade and one day I found out my girlfriend was dating someone else I was crushed when I came home I did not tell my parents that night I watched how to train your dragon. My dream that night was strange I was sitting next to astrid ( a female character from the movie.) and neither one of us was saying anything all of a sudden she reached over and touched my leg. I pretended not to notice but I looked at her anyway she smiled at me I smiled back then she started saying that I was planning on cheating on her I was confused and said I would never do that to her she hugged me and the dream was over. I don't know if this dream was simply a recap of my day or just a random dream that means nothing either way I appreciate your time anyway. :)

I was a girl who live in

I was a girl who live in the mountain, like in "Heidi". One of my friend paid me a visit. We drunk with my friends and my family. But my friend's grand-mother had been attacked. A boy broke her leg. I and my friend began a track race to arrest this boy. My friend was astride an ostrich... We separated to be more effective. I looked for the boy in an industrial park, who belong to the family of the man I love. He was there. He said to me: "Since you admitted to me your feelings, I reflected a lot. I remembered the first thing that I said to you: you have a cute belly. Then, I perceived the boy who was running away. I began to run after him, but the one I love said: "Wait, please", and he offered me the hand. I hesitated, but finally choose to follow the boy who was running away, even if it was painfull. Finally, we found the boy in a "metal music" shop. He said he broke the leg of my friend grand-mother to show that music have to evolve, and that metal music is a good one. Then we did shopping in this shop.