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I was at a place like the

I was at a place like the mall at the riverwalk in san antonio- only it wasnt there exactly. Jennifer was going to come to one of my big italian family dinners with me for her birthday later in the day. And then I went down this escalator into the water which had a very strong current. I started swimming, not like a human but more like an otter or beaver. When I surfaced, the current was still strong but there were people around me. This tall blonde guy pulled me up onto his kickboard with him. He was funny and we started talking. His name was John Wayne. I stayed in the water with him for a really long time before realizing that I had to get out and get jennifer to get to dinner so we parted ways and even though I didnt think it was right because of matt, I gave him my number. It took me 4 tries to write it out right but it finally happened. I got out of the water and was at this weird insane asylum on a hill people were outside and stuff everywhere. I knew my car was in one of the parking lots and while I was going to try to find it, I checked two that looked like it but werent it, this crazy guy came and started tearing at my clothes I curled into the fetal position and then all of the sudden the pulling and tearing stopped and I looked up and it was John Wayne and he had protected me He helped me find my car and begged me not to leave but I had to. And before I went he kissed me. And I could really feel the kiss. It wasnt like any that Ive had in real life- which threw me off-- so when I got into my car, it instead was a ship set up. A land ship And I started trying to pilot my land ship, but the pillow I had to use as the steering wheel didnt have any rotation buttons. I started careening down the highway in this ship, not able to steer. A toll booth was coming up. I missed one collision and somehow dodged through the booth with my body weight as a directive force instead of the steering mechanism I found jennifer on a hill and started to walk down the hill with her towards where family dinner was going to be, leaves were falling all around. And my heart was breaking because of the thought of john wayne and knowing what impact meeting him had on me

I am not in dream, there was

I am not in dream, there was a blond woman whose husband is in politics and they were going to have a baby, but the husband did not know about it. Another woman that was investigator that I was following around in spirit. She had found a body of a young woman. She went to talk to husband that the body she found in a shallow grave. While she was, talking to husband that is when housekeeper came in and announced his wife was having a baby and the investigator and husband were shocked from it. So husband went with wife, and housekeeper stayed with investigator and she the baby was the strangest thing the baby was born with dread locks and the husband went to touch baby’s hair and the dread lock fell off as if the baby was dead. Therefore, the investigator woman went to the cemetery, went to cross over an aisle, and looked back at her feet and there was an open grave with a 2 or 3 year old child there so she stepped back looked left and a line of open grave of children. She walked around and saw a empty grave were she looked at head stone and said it was a new baby, so the investigator new it was the couples that the wife dug up all the grave looking for a child that resembled her and husband, and brought back to life. Husband was talking to the little boy and he asked the son why won’t you open your eyes? So the father gently tried to open his eyes and he notice the eyes were sewed closed along with his nose. shocking the father. Suddenly the house was full of children the same children that the wife dug up their graves. They came looking for their friend. Wife was arrested for grave digging and husband went to assail asylum and committed suicide.