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Me and my sister in one house

Me and my sister in one house with my aunt in her house. And suddenly hear some noise and cam out and see my brother coming with a bag. We asked what is in it, and he replied it has a snake. Then he has thrown that bag in the tunnel there in front of the house. Once the bag is reached ground, the snake erect and went to the house. But my bother and I are laughing and don't feel tension on that we shocked by the snake jump only.

Rudy Giuliani being forced into a French

Rudy Giuliani being forced into a French Maid costume and renamed "Lola the Sissy" by his favorite dominatrix before being whipped and pegged in her dungeon. It's been years since I saw that video and it still haunts me in my dreams...

An empty room in a house  No

An empty room in a house  No furniture next to an abandoned building I saw Auntie Mila We went to sleep on the bed in that empty room. After some time, I woke up and felt someone was moving from my right side. The wall is open and has a thin curtain on it on my right side. So I checked to see who was there. I saw many people sleeping there (men, women, old, young, kids etc). And so on my right side, there's a guy with a daughter. He was almost falling off from where he was sleeping. I gave them a blanket and a pillow. Another guy gave the pillow to another guy with some tattoos on his arm. The people seem to be on top of grave. The dream ends.

I can't explain it very well but

I can't explain it very well but I'm shaking because of it. the dream is not important but the symphony that was sung in it, I don't remember how it went but it is haunting me, it was tragic, evil and didn't want me dead but wanted me to go insane. it was sung by over 1000 men in a dark room. I have never been afraid of dreams; I would always fight them. this one though, this one was different. if I explain the dream, I hope this can help Aswell. i was a spy for a federation (the name was hard to remember but hard to forget, python empire.) it was a logo of a snake with its head facing forward and down. it was worshiped like a god. I was assigned to land in one of their docking bays, this is where I heard the symphony