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Me and an ex were going to

Me and an ex were going to meet up at a restaurant but feared that it was going to close soon. He had to pick up food for his family and I wanted to get something to eat. I was already in the car and needed to use the restroom bad. Stopped at a store that turned out to be a grocery store to use their restroom. Went in and someone had already said that it was 11 and too late for anyone to use it even though as soon as I walked up there was a man walking out of the women’s side. I go in and pick the first stall. Place my payment stuff in the hole to help close the door. Little Asian dude runs off with my stuff! So I chase him down the cold food aisle and body slam him to get my money back.

Also I had a dream about all

Also I had a dream about all of our Colorado group last night and we went to this restaurant and our waitress was my old lunch lady Mrs Mary and she was so mean and Evelyn made us sit with some random family so there would be more room and then she said we were gonna get kicked out of steak and shake if we ate out tomorrow because we were obnoxious and she wouldn’t take our orders either. She new we were about to leave town and she kept referring to that as “our retirement” it was so weird